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  • edgarhansen1982 edgarhansen1982 Jul 24, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    4 reasons to buy MM and move on from Velti while you can

    last 3 months, MM UP 42%, Velt DOWN 42%. Money flowing out of Velt, (obviously). MM can do whatever they want, they have over 100 million dollars with credit access to probably 500 million if need be. Couple that with the fact they are 2nd to Google, its a no-brainer investment. Velt violated debt covenents and probably wont be able to obtain financing for at least another year IF they show 3-4 profitable quarters in a row. During this time, MM will eat them for lunch, having expanded into their regions because they can leverage.

    2. insider buys or sells will be interesting to see on the Form. since they managed to get around reporting it, we have no idea if CEO and company unloaded their shares. All we DO know is MIG unloaded 99% of their shares. this doesn't bode well.

    3.glassdoor reviews even as of late May still show HORRID feedback, yes I know they were probably laid off. But take a look for yourself. a major point is management CONSTANTLY IS CHANGING strategy. almost all don't approve of Moukas, whereas a lot more approve of Palmeiri.

    4. Mobclix wont pay unless pressed against the window of a tall building. iphonesdk, page 43, 2 posters last week mentioned THEIR debt collectors (Trizzano?) said Mobclix is defaulting and closing the doors, no responses are given anymore. The platform of Mobclix anyways is sketchy, its more like a skimming operation where money is passed thru the middle man (Mobclix).

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    • You're telling us to buy high and sell low? MM has a lot of downside and VELT a lot of upside

      • 1 Reply to johnaiello82
      • Honestly both MM and VELT have the same downside- With MM its not being able to be profitable and with VELT its not being able to profitable to even continue operations. But yes MM will not go from ~$10 to $30 overnight, whereas if velt is able to survive the coming quarters it could reasonably jump back to $3-4 overnight (AKA Its prior level before bankruptcy talk) as that is what the fair value is if it can eliminate the threat of BK. With Velt once it hits 2 its going to 10 eventually GLto you all. I am long MM but very much considering going long VELT as it seems they have survived Q2 and should be cash flow positive within coming months