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  • demichael_franklin demichael_franklin Aug 4, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    "Strong Buy" ?? - Based on what?

    please detail (numerate) your reasons why this is a strong buy! Anyone with 5 reasons or more is a winner, IMO.

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    • df, I have mentioned why I am big in this stock numerous times. I don't have you on ignore though I do ignore most of your ramblings. Though obnoxious, you are truthful about your past failures with this company and they have definitely failed their shareholders over the past year. However, most of your arguments are based on the past, namely a very bad marketing strategy, extremely late response to cash needs, no transparency on insider buying/selling and of course the ensuing 90% fall in SP.
      The company is in a transition period right now. It takes several quarters to achieve that and we are close to that inflection point as per management. You can see that they are doing the correct things to right the ship - namely cutting expenses, avoiding customers with long DSOs and/or large upfront capital expenses, focusing their efforts on N&S America, Europe, and Asia and still cranking on their R&D side. Everyone knows this is a hot market and they have only barely scratched the surface with $300M in revenues. The best time to buy a multi-bagger is when they are in a transition period. The question simply boils down to trust. Ross did goof on the timing of the secondary but he has solid credentials. So does Baker. Moukas is doing his part by releasing the control of the ship to the newcomers. It is tough to trust management when the stock falls 90% but the bulk of the reasons are based on past execution and not their products or the market demand or competition. There are several past examples like VELT in hot markets - AKAM, MSTR, PCLN, NFLX, CROX, ARUN, IMOS and on and on. VELT was a $1B market cap company in 2011. It didn't get there by accident. At today's OS, that is $11. The demand is there, the strategy had to be changed and after a gut wrenching year, boom! In the meantime, I wait and try to position myself with the lowest cost basis with a combination of trading and holding a core. So, there you have it - even if it is not bulletized into 5 points

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      • Beta,

        Hands down the best post I have read in months. good to see someone with their head on straight enough to speak on it intellegently... Dialogue is a great thing!

        2 questions in response:

        How do you see cash burn comming into play in the SP short term, knowing that "transistions" are usually more expensive then planned to be?

        What would you say at the idea of further dilution before the end of the fiscal year, namely, do you forsee the need to do so and where do you think that will take the sp or more importantly, confidence?

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    • Anyone want to bless those with less of an understanding on their take?

      I'd personally like perspective, if you don't mind.

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    • its a strong by if you enjoy pain or are a masochist or have too much money and enjoy spreading the wealth or enjoy having your chief marketing officer running the ship who's as big of a fraud as the CEO