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  • fpl1971 fpl1971 Nov 6, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    my perspective...

    no matter how you dice or slice it. this company doesn't just worth a little over 10 million dollars. why is it priced so low? FEAR and UNCERTAINTY were the dominant reasons driving this stock from $20 to $0.055 per share. Liability of the Mobclix and Greece crisis could not be understood and the CEO Moukas was nothing short of being an idiot for trying to communicate with investors every step of the way. Moukas allowed the company to spun out of control by not directly addressing problems every quarter or every chance he had, he sugar coated them in such way that any idiot could tell something was wrong. So he lacked credibility and so FEAR sets in ... stock became a dog and no legitimate investors wanted to hold it for the long term. If you are in for the long term, you are in for betting on Moukas will either get outsted or someone will take over and reinsert integrity back to the organization. Ross was the transforming agent. Last quarter, he came out and completely reported the worst case scenario and took a huge loss of $110 million... that spooked the investors and the long term investors waited... wanting the merky picture to clarify. Indeed it did and my thoughts on this was brilliant maneuvers by Ross and management to rescue Velti. Minimizing debt and obtain new cash to operate what remains. The key in this business is about technology. Velti PLC still owns its technology and a good chunk of market in Europe, Asia and Russia. A clear picture is emerging and when the conference call takes place next week, we will really see what is going on. In any event, "Clarity" in its situation, good or bad, will only propel this stock upwards. Its intrinsic value is great than $10 million all together. I am holding and I see increasing clarity in its future. This stock is no MM and it is not Google, but it definitely has a piece of the pie in this play ground. Good luck to longs.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • It is priced at 10 million dollars because it is going to be worthless when it is liquidated in some kind of chapter 7 action. The 10 million dollar price tag is due to traders flipping shares and dreamers hoping for a miracle. It is worth noting GM traded for a larger market cap after it was publicly stated that the shareholders would be wiped out. Why do people trade worthless stuff? Who knows. A good time killer I guess.

    • earnings call? they never stated a date yet right?