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  • ipcinsider2004 ipcinsider2004 Jul 26, 2004 11:13 AM Flag

    IPC Layoffs

    The bottom line is that with poor senior management, especially the top man, 58 people lost their jobs. Unfortunately, people do get let go due to circumstances that are inevitable. On July 8, some very good people were let go. The president may be able to fool JCI with his lost business and market pressure speeches, but not the people at IPC. We know that it is much deeper than that. Bad decisions, lack of leadership and business common sense is the main reason for the down-sizing. Yes, market pressures, etc. sometimes play a role in these types of decisions. I've been at IPC for over 17 years and this is the worst senior management team ever assembled. How can they still be in charge when some very good people continue to be let go or leave over the last couple of years. How many more families and their lives/dreams/hopes will be ruined before changes are made up top. Those of us who are left have stopped listening and believing in the company's vision which is a direct result of the top management. Whenever there is the next state of the business address or the next company meeting, do you really think the IPC family is going to trust anything they say? Please JCI, step in before it's too late. Do it before another bad decision is made by the president and his executive staff. Some of us have worked here our entire lives and would like to keep in that way.

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    • I was one of the one let go from the resent layoffs at IPC, but I can�t blame Ken for the IPC layoffs and to even suggest that JCI doesn�t no what�s going on is ludicrous. It wasn�t too many years ago when Ken said to have good employee�s you need to treat them well. Has his education, training and philosophy on this matter changed? I don�t think so. I think there are many things we don�t know about that are dictated to Ken strait from the top. It is all about profit, keeping investors happy, (including myself). Their have been a lot of articles about how the print industry is changing, how there is expected to be a big reduction in the number of printed material needed going into the future. This reduction may take 50 years or more. However JCI needs to think these changes now. IPC needs to continue to be profitable and they are trying to cut back to make them lean and profitable during this difficult time. These changes can and do hurt. Even though it hurts to say it, these changes are necessary for the good of the whole, I only hope that for the sake of my friends who still work there at IPC that they, (IPC), still fit into a long term plan of JCI and that JCI isn�t planning to reduce costs, staff and making them more attractive to a buyer. Bob Kaylor believed in IPC, that why they bought them in 1992, but does Steve Smith? Steve was VP when we saw the dismantling and sale of the failing Perry Printing, (once a JCI company). As far as I know since I left IPC July 8th, we hadn�t heard anything from Steve since we went public. I hope for my friends� sake IPC doesn�t go the way of Perry Printing. I believe, if he can of course, Steve Smith needs to calm the fears of those still employed at IPC. I hope he still believes IPC can continue to be profitable and experiences at Perry have not left him sour about Printing Companies. I think the demand for printed materials will begin to rise again after people get tired of reading things on their computer screens and realize it is ruining their eyes. The question is will printing company�s like IPC survive through these difficult times?

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      • Crash - Your blinded by your loyalty and years at IPC. Regardless if JCI told the executive team at IPC (Ken and Co.) to decrease costs and improve profit performance it is ultimately Ken who has dictated the direction or lack there of over the past 6 years. It is Ken's job to make smart business decisions in order to improve year over year performance. I acknowledge that print is a somewhat diminishing commodity industry. In the end only large regional or national printers will survive based upon price compression and economies of scale. The problem is soley in KK's hands and he missed the boat and couldn't define a direction to get the ship righted. His decision to not go after fulfillment business unless they also offer print was a bad business move. The fulfillment business provides high margins and inherent barriers to moving the business from vendor to vendor, which the print does not. Problem is he did not understand it so he simply ignored it. I belive you are right and ultimately the business will be sold or disolved for the assets. Either way Ken will walk away along with some of the other "Good Old boy" cronies with stock money that eliminate their after IPC job concerns. This is not true for the vast majority of current IPC employees who will have to move or find something less appealing locally. Do you think Ken cares, if he did he would have resigned a few years ago and let someone come in who had a clue on how to run a business.

    • Dont just put your thoughts on the IPC management team in writing here, set up a hotmail account and e-mail Steve Smith with your feelings. If your really uppity e-mail all the outside directors. Or just do it the old fashioned way, and type a nice letter to all of them via snail mail with no return address.

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      • I can tell you from personal experience that you won�t receive a response. This management team has their heads so far up their as�es, I would be willing to bet that email is screened by someone and only the good comments are passed through.
        The emperor has no clothes!!

        If you go into the company-wide email address book, you will no longer find a listing for Mr. Smith. It used to be in there. He probably received too many negative comments and decided to remove his name. We can't have the little people sending negative comments. After removal, all the problems went away and everything became good again. There are no more complaints! Therefore, we must be doing a great job of managing!!
        Well, at least we're lining our own pockets and that's all that really matters!
        Citizen Kane was on TV last night. Hmm, I wonder why I thought of that just now...

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