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  • ipc13579 ipc13579 Aug 2, 2004 4:01 PM Flag

    IPC Layoffs

    News Flash: "Good" people continue to leave IPC but Ken Kozminski continues to be in charge. This once proud company continues to go down even further. Ken K. and some of his direct reports have ruined this company beyond repair. He needs to be replaced as soon as possible if IPC is to have any success. How can managers try and hire replacements when the good employees are laid off or continue to leave. God help us all who still remain!

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    • Be careful what you post here because KK is on a witch hunt especially for internal employees, can you believe it!!! Instead of trying to put together a plan to "fix" things, which we all know is not within his capabilities. He is concerned about negative message posts that tell the real story about his lack of business leadership. KK would be a good sales person (he keeps selling this crap to JRN) but makes a terrible preseident or manager. He should resign and let someone who knows what is needed to improve performance. What a shame that a once proud company, that had a very bright future has been run into the ground by a person imitating a president. KK if you were really concerned about the company and the remaining employees and not these freedom of speech posts, you would resign!!!!

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      • You are so right. Why is Ken Kozminski worried about his reputation instead of the well being of IP. This proves once again that KK doesn't have a clue or leadership abilities. What is he going to do, lay me off too because I'm speaking the truth. It looks like he can't handle the truth. More IPC need to step up and voice their opinions on the well being and direction this company is headed. Ken clearly doesn't have what it takes. If he did, we would have seen it. One post indicated that companies either move forward or decline. IPC has declined ever since Ken has been in charge. The time for change is NOW!!

      • Did anyone notice the Stock price yesterday of Cox?It rose almost $6.00.They are going back to being a Private Company.Did the JRN do the right thing in going public? Sometimes I wonder.I really believe the next big step that will happen to JRN is it will be bought out by a Larger Communications Company.This will take place within 6 years from the sources I have talked to in the Investment world.These were the same people that told me they would go public a year before it happened and told me about the 2nd buyback of B shares months before that happened.Time will tell.

    • Where are all these "GOOD" people going? That is certainly a company I would like to work for. The strength of IPC used to be it's people....that is the regular people who make the company run....not those at the top in their ivory tower. There are still a few GOOD ones left but management has axed most of them.
      It's really a shame the comments I hear on the streets, at the ball fields, in Martins, at Venetian and on the phone with friends and others about the state of affairs at IPC. What was once a proud people, who worked for a proud company, has been diminished. All those who helped build the company to what it once stood for must be ashamed at it's current state. I know there are alot of naysayers out there who think all these posts come from disgruntled employees or ex-employees with a beef, but to those naysayers I say, hundreds of people cannot be wrong but the leadership at IPC can and is wrong in their handling of IPC and the GOOD people who work or worked there.

    • ipc,Think about it.New hires NO benefits.No health care,No vacations,no nothing.What does that equal?Big saving.I know how this company works.Its all about money.Anyone that thinks its one Happy family anymore is wrong.That ended with Bob Kahlor.

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