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  • crash101699 crash101699 Feb 9, 2005 1:19 AM Flag

    "A" share BuyBack?

    Why would Journal think it was better to buy back 5 million publicly traded "A" shares than it would be to buy back employee "B" shares and help them pay down and or off their loans before they were converted to "A" shares. Obviously they want to keep the pool of votes in their favor with more "B" votes (10 to 1) over "A" votes (1 to 1). What gives? Well, I guess they won't have to buy back any shares if everyone doesn't convert and sell and they still retain a controlling interest in the company. Must be just in case they need to. Kind of sucks; I was hoping they would make us a half-way decent offer. Be nice if they offered us $18.55 like they did last year. Oh well, For those of us wait to pay off our loans these prices suck I'm holding out as long as I can.

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    • Someone by the name of Joe Best posted msg#1062.

    • Thanks Eddie,Where did you get this Joe Best name from?Seeing no one wants to answer my questions.Time to get serious.I meet a person this weekend that knew alot about the J.Do any of you have JRN Stock loans at 1.1%Under Prime?Did any of you hear about these loans?Do any of you know about Margin loans?Once again these things are under Best kept secrets.First whatis a Margin loan.Its a loan that has to have 50% of your stock paid for.Example,If your stock loan is $100 you have to have a Stock value of at least 50% of that amount.Just say its $11.If the stock goes down to say $10 you get a phone call saying that your loan is now more then 50%.So you have to Sell stock or come up with the money to get back to 50%.Could this be the reason the company is buying back A Shares instead of B Shares?To make sure that the price stays at a certain level to protect those with margin loans.

    • Is this the same Joe Best that worked in the composing room in the early 70s?

      Welecome to the board either way. As far as Pop goes, he keeps the board going. I personally like the old guy.

    • yadon,There really isnt any resentment.Where we decieved by management? If you are retired the answer is YES.We couldnt even vote on going public.Plus we lost another leg on that great stole we were promised,for years.What does beleve mean?LOL

    • Pop-
      I think I understand your resentment, but its darn hard see through your second grade writing style and beleve you are the expert at all this. Did you work around a lot of lead in composing back then?

    • Another dreamer.Maybe you should find out whats going on.They are buying back stock.Call them and they will tell you.Check Angels post.Call there.Also since when can you convert A Shares back to B Shares.OH sorry is that Negitive.

    • Who sez JRN is buying back A shares at the present time? Even if they are -- what says they can't return them to the treasury and revert them back to B shares? Would this not retain their voting shares 10 to 1 as B shares? Maybe you should check JRN prospectus?

    • When is someone going to answer my questions?

    • Gezz it doesnt look like Morgan Stanley is JUMPING on the buy, as much as you can,train.Only 53,000 shares traded.Mike ,you have that right.Why Stanley is using that method is kind of Strange.

    • Alright now we got the message board going.That you Steve Smith for your responce.Anyone that doesnt think your Insurance Rates are going through the Roof better check again.Maybe you should read the letter they sent you, about it.What a crook of CRAP.Did anyone read the Focus on Opportnity [benefits}? GO TO PAGE 4.Mary and her Husband enrolled in HSA Plan.Mary goes into the hospital for back surgery.Claims Equal $5,200.$2,100 WILL MEET THE DEDUCTABLE.$620 will be MARYS COINSURANCE.Marys total will be $2720.Now subtract.$5,200 from $2,720.Guess WHAT,MARY PAYS,MORE THEN 57% OF THE BILL.Maybe its time a few of you Woke up.Now that where public your just a name and a Clock Number.DONT FORGET IT.All this when the Company big boys gave themselfs UNBELIVABLE GOLDEN PARACHUTS.Do you know that the CEO of INTEL makes $650,000 a year.Steve Smith makes $1.1 Million.Dont Worry be Happy,I AM.Help others,I do I drive the real old folks from church back and forth to the hospital when needed.Im on 4 Committees at church.The Stock is DOWN 16% FROM 2004.Tell me about it.Lets all be HAPPY ,MAYBE WE CAN BUY ANOTHER TV STATION.

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