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  • crash101699 crash101699 Sep 26, 2005 2:28 AM Flag

    Verbal Assault!! (3)

    I always thought Ken was a decent president, and a very likable guy, whom I would have liked to call my friend. Maybe he did not quite have the charisma that Greg Forbes had, however if he gave it a little effort I think that he could achieve it. Ken must realize as the president of ipc, he will never be able to please everyone. There will always be some people who think someone else could do a better job. One of the big differences I see between the personalities of Ken and Greg was that Greg used to go around once in a while and shake everyone�s hand telling them, �Thanks for coming to work today�, or ask them how they were doing. He seemed to take a genuine interest in his employees and it gave us all good warm feelings to have a president who cared about us and treated us like an equal. Ken should and needs to do these little acts of kindness, it could go a long way in to helping him gain the much needed support, for as it stands now, with some of the posting on this message board, there seems at least, to be much dissention in the ranks. The best way to handle this is not by seeking out these posters or stirring them up by postings on this message board but by changing their opinions in due time by proven responsible leadership and a genuine caring attitude about his fellow co-workers.

    To most of you, sorry for being long-winded!

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