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  • adi_amadeus adi_amadeus Oct 1, 2012 5:50 AM Flag

    Please help me understand

    How can anyone with a conscience invest and profit from a company such as this? Have you any idea where your money's coming form? Perhaps one day you'll too feel the pain of the people this a h o l e s are shamelessly praying upon! And then we wonder, why have we as a people gotten to where we are!? It's not because of Obama or Bush... it's because of US, we allow and made/make everything possible... and because among other things, greed dictates just about everything we do, it has become a lifestyle. And no, greed is most definitely not good!

    PS: I don't and never did owe money, just learned of someone I know being harassed by these s c u m bags and got me into researching this company/collecting agency. And if someone from the company happens to read this, shame on you! Although I know that's one of the sentiments low lives like you never experience/feel. Make no mistake about it, one way or another your turn will come, the wheel keeps on turning and life has a funny way of sneaking up on you on you least expect it.

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    • So....why not just go out and run up 10,000 on a credit card have some fun and don't pay your obligations?

      Do you pay your mortgage? it's NO different.

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      • If companies like PRAA didn't exist banks would be reluctant to make loans to risky borrowers. PRAA is the REASON risky borrowers can even get a loan. PRAA is a bank's last remedy and the only way they can recover money that belongs to their DEPOSITORS. In fact depositors would be reluctant to put money in a bank that had no way of collecting on bad loans

    • They are lower than pond #$%$. I am so happy to learn today that they are public. Oh, the things I can do.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • adi, I was actually very pleased when I learned this sort of business existed.

      Every day, I pay more for gas, food, heating oil, to cover for people who do not pay as they agreed to. Nobody forced them to buy that stuff, so I do not understand why I should have to pick up their tab. (You don't really think the big bad companies pay do you? Well they don't, Target sends me the bill instantly after your friend defaults. )

      Without PRAA I would have to pay even more than I do now (about 2x more) for other peoples stuff they don't need. At least with PRAA, some of the money is recovered for the honest consumers.
      Society has evolved to a state where people think instant satisfaction is OK and their actions have no repercussions, PRAA and others bring this society back to some reality - "you get what you pay for". And vice-versa.

      Why exactly is it that you think your friend should be allowed to have any good or service for
      free? (Of course - it is not really free, honest people have to pay for it). I think your morality is the really strange one. Exactly which actions do you think should have zero consequences?

      My car is over 12 years old. I don't have cable TV. I saved my money instead of
      keeping up with your feel-good-now friend. I invested in PRAA and I have no problem whatsoever
      with every dime of profit I make as a result.

      PRAA are pretty honest people doing an ugly job for
      everyone's benefit. Your friend, perhaps when all is said and done, could benefit from the lesson they are teaching.

      P.S. The wheel does indeed turn. And when it does - some of us whine about it, and some of us lift harder. This country was founded by people with the balls to get here and the strength to make something of it. Not moochers.

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