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  • insect_insight insect_insight Dec 28, 2012 4:55 PM Flag

    how's that Cramer PHONY pump of NKE working for BAGHOLDERS??? LOL LOL LOL


    God I love watching MEGA-bubble trash CRASH into the toilet where it belongs...and I especially love when Old Baldie is exposed for being the DISINFO artist he REALLY happens to be. I knew when he first pumped this NKE joke it would become THE best short play in the market.....Old Baldie's become so transparent in the PHONY manner in which he pumps MOST obscene MEGA-bubble stocks today.

    Ladies, I warned you DUPES that this is a 5.00 joke masquerading as a 50 buck stock.....and next week comes the CRASH that will ERASE 50% of its current market value in a heartbeat....that is what fiscal cliff is going to do to the most preposterous MEGA-bubbles out there, nothing less.

    If you didn't pick up shorts, PUTS or WRITTEN calls in this NKE stinker, kiss ALL your $$$$ goodbye.

    Ladies, the NKE technicals are horrible and you will NEVER NEVER NEVER see 2013 NKE prices return to past year's 52 week highs....NO chance in hell. It is a FATALLY WOUNDED stock by all technical indicators, and the SMARTER pros who understand you must fade Old Baldie's PHONY pumps of stocks are making big time $$$$$, again


    Oh, sorry, had to laugh as 2013 will prove to be my BIGGEST $$$$ SCORE ever!

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