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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 4, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    Why my EXTREMELY NEGATIVE forecasts of NKE are certain to happen


    Ladies, many many many moons ago, I warned the overexuberant rare earth BAGHOLDERS that the rare earths would CRASH into single digits....and that is when key sector members like MolyCorp traded near 80 bucks a share. At the time, MCP cheerleaders attacked me for my extremely NEGATIVE forecasts, and they did so in a mocking sarcastic taunting way. But I proved to be 100% CORRECT.

    Ladies, many many many many moons ago, I warned that the USELESS golds and silvers, particularly the miners, would CRASH completely and that is when many of today's gold and silver juniors traded at market valuations 90% higher than they do today....while most of the gold seniors traded some 50% higher than they do today.

    Bottom line: I made these SMART forecasts based primarily upon SMART TECHNICAL evaluations.....and now I am pounding the table to state that your beloved NKE doggie will likely trade at 5.00 or lower by year's end, in the best case scenario, and the bottom could fall out as early as TDOAY.

    The NKE technicals are beyond AWFUL, and it is one of the few mainstream USA stocks that FAILED to participate in the 500 point DOW rally the other day. That is MASSIVELY BEARISH, and you can NOT refute the fact with any kind of logic. In fact, merely in order for NKE to match that performance, it would have to rise asap at least 2.00....and that AINT going to happen, ladies, NOT a chance in hell, as per its FATALLY WOUNDED TECHNICAL picture.

    As for fundamentals, the idiot mania for their silly shoes is ending....and even the ghetto kids who embraced their idiot shoes are beginning to "grow up" and look for other footwear options. Finally, the retail season this winter has been TERRIBLE.

    Ladies, this AINT rocket science, you don't need special NO talent inherited money ivy league wall street bozos to enlighten you to this TRUTH, you merely need an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY for what it is.

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