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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 8, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

    Approx. 12,000 NKE JAN 55.00 calls now GUARANTEED to expire WORTHLESS


    Anyway, ladies, as a SMART corollary to my previous post, please take note that Old Baldie and his pumpster scumster fund buddies have already succeeded in DUPING the usual gang of AMATEUR BOOBS into taking huge WORTHLESS call positions....and now this NKE doggie trades at a price level that effectively WIPES OUT a very sizable JAN WRITTEN call position at if you feel foolish that you allowed the guy to SCAM you once again, as he has been doing to AMATEUR DUPES for years now....if you feel foolish because you ignored my many warnings to AVOID AVOID AVOID all call derivatives in this overhyped NKE donkey, well, again, I advise you best educate yourselves ASAP and learn how stocks REALLY trade and how DISINFO Big Media shills act to on behalf of wall street funds to scam monies from AMATEUR DUPES, over and over again, and learn all this before you ever buy another WORTHLESS call option in a preposterously OVERHYPED MEGA-bubble stock like

    In conclusion, a golfing buddy recently asked me if I feared assuming heavy leveraged SHORT positions in certain "popular" stocks, given that I firmly believe certain CONFIRMED BEAR stocks can be shorted, to the max, not merely via stock and derivatives but also via NAKED out of the money positions....and NAKED positions only when it is TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for certain BEAR stocks to break through out of the money RESISTANCE points.

    This golfing buddy thought I ought to fear the "takeover risk" pertaining to such aggressive SHORT positions....and, after I finished laughing, I replied, "NOT a single speck of fear when I know the SHORTED equity is one that will NEVER receive a TO offer.....and NOT a single speck of fear because basically, ladies, I have BALLS OF STEEL when it comes to assuming any kind of SHORT position, even as the average guy trading the markets does NOT."

    you see, at NKE's current preposterous 46 billion dollar valuation, ladies, there AINT any company out there that is about to make a TO move on the NKE MEGA-bubble......there are few if any companies that could begin to afford to buy the NKE joke and those that might have the requisite market cap do NOT operate in the NKE biz sector.... after all, you're NOT about to see Coke, McDonalds, or Apple buy NKE someday, now are you???????

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh??? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh????


    Ladies another SWWeeeeeeeeeeeeetttTT day for SMARTER NKE SHORTS, and if you only own a pure long position in the NKE donkey, without any kind of offsetting short or PUT positions, well, soon you'll be crying into your beer and it'll sound like this boohoohoo boohoohoo boohoohoo


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    • Insect, why on earth do you continue to blab away such nonsense? If you are truly trying to help all of us (that have made a fortune on this stock for many years and will continue to) perhaps have a bit of respect and maybe be a tad more thoughtful in your delivery? You have posted well over 50 rambling tirades in the past couple weeks and we just keep making money...

      Wouldn't it be cool if these boards were actually places where we helped educate eachother so we all could get ahead? (Versus just Wall St) the pumping and bashing that goes on is counter productive and such a waste of energy...maybe you don't believe in karma and that is just fine...your day wil come.

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