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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 9, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    More preposterous DISINFO from Old Baldie, aka, Cramer


    I just heard Old Baldie tell his lemming, mindless groupies, and naive amateur imbeciles that, in any genuine bull market, the "financials must lead."


    Is this guy not the absolute most MORONIC RETARDED LYING SLIMY DISINFO shill in the world??? It is absolutely stunning how WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG he is about almost everything, most recently his OBVIOUS PHONY PUMP of the NKE doggie that has done nothing but DROP since his original pumps...FALLING despite an unwarranted, idiotic, 2 for 1 stock split and a post-new year 500 point gain in the what constitutes MASSIVELY ULTRA BEARISH technical action, SCREAMING....CRASH COMING....CRASH COMING!!!!

    I mean, where does that NO talent inherited money ivy league WRONG WAY boobster get off being allowed to provide a mass media forum for such relentless DISINFO without anybody screaming: "You lying scummy bald sack of human stink, you should be incarcerated for your many years of LIES, most recently this hoax pump of the NKE MEGA-BUBBLE!!'

    Ladies, there is NO empirical evidence that financials must lead other sectors for the overall market to be in a bull....that is self-serving NONSENSE provided by a renowned shill for Goldmutt Suks, JP Mutton, Morgan Stinkley, GE Kapitool, et al.

    In fact, this year 2013, with the removal of the infamous wall street shill, Geithner, from his role as Treasury Sec and backstop for every lamebrain investment strategy of the empty-headed wall street financial sector, and the installation of Jack Lew, who has NO allegiance to wall street of any kind....then finally, SMARTER SHORTS should be able to target MOST of these sickly FINANCIALS, the majority of which would not even be in business today except for being handed de facto welfare payments from their obedient Treasury Sec whoore shill, Geithner. I fully expect that MAXIMUM SHORTING of the MEGA-BUBBLE FINANCIAL sector should lead to the most AMAZING $$$$ PROFITS yet....and have been waiting for a day to arrive when MAXIMUM SHORTING of the truly sickly financials can be effected WITHOUT having to worry that their puppy-doggy, Geithner, would step in and force through arbitrary regs that would be very unfriendly to SMARTER SHORT players.

    However, contrary to Old Baldie, and his latest whopper about how "financials must lead the stock market in order for a genuine bull to sustain, the REALITY is that the DEATH of most of these moribund FINANCIALS will be a huge boost to other market sectors, that have had MASSIVE amounts of capital drained from them in order to provide funds to support artificially those financial doggies that should have died along with Lehman many many many moons ago.

    Contrary to Old Baldies typical SCAMSTER NONSENSE, the COLLAPSE of the FINANCIAL sector will allow a redirect of capital into other more DESERVING sectors. Time for all the brain dead dumdums in this nation to turn on their brains and IGNORE the self-serving IDIOCY of Old Baldie and his merry gang of slimy fund partners in crime, whose OBVIOUS PHONY PUMPS of this NKE MEGA-BUBBLE are only the latest empirical example of what I mean.

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