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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 12, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    How I knew Old Baldie, aka Cramer, provided PHONY pumps of NKE BAGHOLDER stock


    Well, ladies, sorry to break BAD news over your holiday weekend, but Old Baldie, aka Cramer (acting on behalf of his wall street buddies), who I warned was likely dumping your beloved NKE MEGABUBBLE stock behind your backs in the sleazy way he likesto do, just came out today and WARNED that sports apparel manufacturers are to be AVOIDED, and he did so today after countless PHONY PUMPS of the NKE MEGABUBBLE over the past few weeks..... and here is the quote from his infamous DISINFO TV show, as follows ( read it and WEEP!):

    Cramer said investors should be concerned that Piper Jaffray downgraded Quiksilver (manufacturer of adventure sports apparel) from 'buy' to 'neutral' on Friday.

    "We don't have holiday data from Quiksilver, but the major national specialty retailers in the same category have all given us updates and the numbers don't look good," Cramer said, adding that rival Pacific Sunwear recently reported disappointed gross margins while both Tilly's and Zumiez delivered a decline in same-store sales. "These are the companies that sell Quiksilver's merchandise, and they're telling us the category is having a real hard time."

    Meanwhile, Cramer pointed out that Quiksilver's stock has already had a major run. In less than a month, its stock has popped by more than 50 percent.

    After analyzing both calls, Cramer said he just can't get behind Quiksilver's stock right now."

    So, looks like your beloved NKE will be dropping through the floor next can't say I didn't warn NKE BAGHOLDERS, now can you??? Say GOODNIGHT to those NKE JAN call options of which I warned you many moons ago would expire WORTHLESS, since the huge sizes likely have been WRITTEN by Old Badlie and his wall street buddies.....and you best look forward to spending time crying into your beer next week.

    As for Old Badlie, aka Cramer, now don't get me wrong.....I do believe the DISINFO artist occasionally, once in a blue moon, provides correct info. For years, his pumps of Apple, Google, and Amazon have been mostly correct....and his most recent pump of Facebook is certainly correct, a darling of the investment bank buddies for whom he whoores and shills, as it finally left a lengthy BEAR channel and entered a whole new bull cycle that should see it continue to make dramatic gains from this point forward....and of course, since he is a renowned shill for wall street investment banks, his calls on Goldmutt Suks, JP Mutton, et al have generally been correct since inside info is always a beautiful thing LOL LOL LOL

    But MOST of his pumps, especially of the NKE MEGABUBBLE, are categorically contrived to SUCKER the poor dumb fools who believe he has an ounce of integrity when every market vet knows otherwise. As I stated previously, his many many PHONY pumps of gold and silver over the DECADES have been used as PERFECT contrary indicators by SMART market vets who know full well he is a DISINFO artist for all things gold, silver, and USELESS. No surprise since the key SHORT counterparties to golds and silvers have been his only real friends at the investment banks and hedge funds for whom he toils.

    Where Old Baldie is most accurate is his SLAMS against various stocks and, again, SMART market pros have learned to pay close attention mostly to the SLAMS....especially his slams against miners (for example...all gold, silver, and rare earth miners). As I warned previously, the investment banksters and fund slimesters for whom Old Baldie so obviously shills normally act as SHORT counterparties and CALL WRITERS to most stocks, commodities, and currences.... even as the amateurs normally act as the naive clueless longs.

    Ladies, it doesn't take rocket science to figure this out, NO need for "special" wall street "advisers" whose only real talent lies in taking handouts from their rich ivy league daddies...... you just need to have an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY for what it is. I've been doing this for many many many moons and Old Baldie NEVER fools me anymore, even as he deceives all his many clueless fans.

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