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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 14, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

    More BAD news for NKE BAGHOLDERS = most of your JAN calls will be WIPED OUT soon!


    Looks like Old Baldie, whose been relentless pumping APPLE in the past, came out today on his clown show at CNBCrapola and announced APPLE is NO longer desirable, for all variety of reasons, chief among them being that his daughter, Young Baldie, hates them now. He is doing so with only FOUR days until JAN option expiration....and, in doing so, he is assisting the call WRITERS in wiping out multi-thousands of APPLE calls.

    As I tried to warn NKE amateur DUPES, Old Baldie's constant pumps of the NKE MEGA-bubble early this year 2013 NEVER fooled SMARTER market vets and pros, who recognize that MOST of his stock pumps exist solely to SUCKER amateur FOOLS into buying ultimately WORTHLESS call options in those pumped stocks, which Old Badie and his wall street scumsters in crime are more than happy to write.

    In conclusion, based upon Old Baldie spinning on a dime today in order to dump all over the APPLE he once revered and pumped repeatedly, you better own one helluva lot PUTS in this NKE doggie.....because you know full well Old Baldie and his sleazester fund buddies will soon "pull the carpet out" beneath the MEGA-bubble NKE.

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