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  • StockMaster_1 StockMaster_1 Dec 3, 1997 3:12 PM Flag

    what to expect

    I have good expectations from Nike, I have sold Nike products for 3 years now, and I know the strength of Nike and it's products. I think the earnings for this quarter would be better than the lasts. The economists are making a big deal with the matters in Asia.

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    • thanks for the info stockmaster.
      for the most part, what i have read (even from the analyst)
      is this a company that grew explosively for the last few years.
      rather than growing at 30 percent , we may grow at 15 to 20.

      is this your perspective too?

      or do you see a desertion from buying these products in general
      or move to the competition.

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      • From my experience in doing business in the shoe/apparel sector I do not see a desertion from Nike to the competition. I have done business with the competition like(Reebok, Fila, Addidas, Converse, LA Gear, K-Swiss), and I have seen major declines in
        the sales in them, but not in Nike. Nike still hold strong in the sales in my business, and I do believe it is growing, at what rate I don't really know. The reason for the bad stock performance, and the lower earning per share is due to: 1st the bad publicity it is getting from the activists, 2st it is investing lots of money into different countries, and that it is
        lowering its earning per share, and that is what the economist, and the big people really care about.
        It is going to take some time before those investments pay off, but when it does it is going to be big

      • I figure the reason for the recent drop in stock price is what Nike just recently said about future earnings. They said they would be lower. It is competition and the price of Nikes is outrageous. It is easy to figrure out that sales are going to be lower due to price.

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