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  • AlternativeDaizy AlternativeDaizy Dec 4, 1997 11:42 PM Flag


    Nike has introduced the swoosh in skates, equipment, jerseys and sticks. Hockey is one the most expensive sports to play and the interest is growing despite the expense. Nike is capturing the market go to your local ice or roller hockey arena and count the swoosh,then count your cash if your interested in Nike stock just do it.

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    • Currently, I have three pair of Nike's and my wife has two. Several years ago when I ran x-country and track I wore Asics, New Balance, and Saucony. I like my Nike's, but I don't guarantee that my next pair of athletic shoe will have a swoosh on the side. I'm more price concious now, and less influenced by the advertising and friends.

    • I have been a long time Nike shareholder (1990), and have gained from Nike's "Killer Strategies" (see FORTUNE article of same name earlier this year). I think Nike will be a great long term hold because Nike really does look toward long term investment.
      Although sometimes I get greedy and wish Nike would release some short-term hype for the analysts, I remain very confident in the management. However, for Nike to remain a good investment, the popularity of athletics/sports must continue to grow. I get concerned when I here the backlash in the US about big $$$ ruining "the game'. When new stadium issues are rejected (even if for the right reasons) it says there is backlash. A company as outward as Nike must be very agile in these current times
      to separate its image from this backlash. I'm glad to see the newest generation has become big swoosh supporters. I would love to hear more feedback..

      FYI Nike's move into hockey started with its acquisition of Bauer in F95. The swoosh on the skates is trying to leverage the brand into hockey w/o hurting the Bauer name.

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      • I own a pub in Belgium, Europe, with lots of youngsters coming in. About a year or three ago, Adidas zas the brand over here. Now, where-ever I look, I see Nike. Shoes, caps, shirts, shorts, whatever. Now, if (when) they manage to capture the football-market in this old continent, they'll be as big here as they are in the US. And then it's Asia.
        Just wish I had some more cash : this is a buy now. But then, it's always the same. Didn't have cash in march or october (corrections), don't have it now (iom and nike).Please stay at this level for a couple of weeks, both of you.


      • Attending Penn State and being part of the athletic program here, I can tell you that Nike is an unreal sponsor. Every sport get's anything and everything with that Nike swoosh. We're talking socks,shoes, uniforms, practice shirts, sweatsuits, jogging suits,etc. You name it Nike provides it.
        The swoosh doesn't stop at the stadiums and the practice facilities, but it continues into the classrooms, bookstores, and stores all around campus. You cannot pass five people without seeing at least one swoosh somewhere on their bodies. That is what I like about this company they provide apparel for just about any sport and person.
        I would be surprised if in the next ten years Nike isn't the sponsor for all the major sports in the United States, and I guess the lesser one like soccer. Nike is a good long term investment!

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