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  • eldoctore1 eldoctore1 Mar 16, 1998 4:45 PM Flag

    swish the swoosh?

    are they dropping the swoosh?
    why drop the most recognized symbol in sports apparel?
    no answers, only questions.

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    • nike is not dropping their swoosh logo. tiger woods is wearing nike apparel, especially hat, which includes the prominent swoosh PLUS an additional small litlle new "tiger woods golf logo" wich is on the side of his hat. i guess nke's idea is to call the tiger woods logo stuff "premium" and charge more for it. forget about it.

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      • I see that the nike "I want to contol the world" spin is still working it's magic...facts are: young, male & female african
        americans, the strongest influencing demographic of this business are turning their backs in droves on the mighty Swoosh IN FACT, if it
        wasn't for MJ Nike would be ON THE MAT TTTOOOODDDAAAYYY!! [FYI-Of the Final Four Division One Boys HS BKB Teams in California, only
        Westchester was wearing Nike (only because Coach was paid off!-they wore Reebok last year), the Other Three Teams were
        wearing.....REEBOKS (All Wh/Rd Iversons!) When MJ goes, Nike goes (presently even MJ's clothing isn't selling) ALSO, Nike IS sitting on $1.6-$2+
        BILLION dollars in excess inventory, with No Takers at Any price (and as a previous message...dealers ARE NOT putting up with NIKE's
        strong arm "Buy My Futures or Else" tactics..they are saying, "I'll take else,,,Something Else!!). Finally, for all of you adidas
        gravy trainers please note that in Tex & Calif. it is the White, Surburban kids who are driving the 3 stripes, and those trends
        don't last even the 18 month cycle! Seems like more Reebok DMX & 3D Ultralite's are showing up...saw some Payton (Nike) "Glove"
        shoes, real junk....Kemp (Reebok)"Shroud" is cleaner..Reebok bringing it in Team colors in the Fall....Dark Days Ahead for the
        Control Freaks from Beaverton.....SELL NOW!!!!

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