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  • PublicInfoOnly PublicInfoOnly May 28, 1998 4:15 PM Flag

    How to buy Puma stock?

    Can someone please tell me how to buy Puma stock (listed on the Dusseldorf market) in the U.S?

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    • I have asked high school aged persons about Vans,
      and they screw
      up their faces and say, "But only
      skateboarders would wear them.
      I wouldn't be caught dead in
      them." The point is that Vans have a limited

      And there is a lot of competition for that type of
      shoe now, and
      many skateboarders are wearing
      imitations of Vans. And I doubt
      if you will catch many
      baby-boomers in Vans.

    • Hey man, come on over to the Vans message board and give us some insights into what types of people wear Vans in your neck of the woods. Have you been to the Warped Tour this year? I'm in So. Cal.

    • what up 40 something people? i did a search for
      skateboarding in yahoo and it gave me this letter that called
      vans a "canvas boating shoe". i am a 14 y o
      skateboarder from t.n. vans shoes are NOT boating shoes and
      they are not canvas. have you ever even looked at a
      pair of vans? all shoes i've had have been suede that
      is triple layered for skating and they are really
      durable. you can get vans for about $30 if you look good
      enough. and timberlands are crappy prep shoes, i wouldnt
      wear a pair of timberlands if somebody gave me them, i
      would sell them or burn them. i dont buy the less
      expensive version, i buy vans...vans is the most popular
      shoe at my school so if you people like making money
      by investing in stuff or whatever you guys do invest
      in vans, they rule.

    • I'm in Here To Ask People What They Think!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • There's This Stock Called US Technologies And
      It's Suing A Company Called Alph Hospitalities Or
      Somethin. But The Big Thing Is That They Are Suing Them For
      50 Million Dollars.....They Are Expected To Win!!!!!
      The Symbol Is USTT Take A Look And Tell Me What You
      Think Of It...

    • any body know were you get skim boards and long boards i'm dieing fo4r em please tell me. my e-mail addrses is

    • Yeah, he worked for Swoosh for a couple of years,
      but returned to Reebok about 18 months ago. Due to
      non-compete, didn't start back up with them till about 6
      months ago, and I've lost touch. I know the original
      plan was to stay here in PDX area, but don't know for
      sure. Good luck.

    • if those kids need more money, maybe they should
      work some overtime!!!!!
      as far as i'm concerned
      Nike ought to FIRE those LAZY bastards and let
      machines do ALL the work. they are simply OVERCHARGING
      nike to the tune of $.50 per pair.

      do you have
      any idea how expensive it is to maintain a big US
      sales force???? and pay celebrities BILLIONS of

      it ain't cheap!!!!!!

      if you would just do
      your part and buy more Nike product maybe Nike would
      be able to afford to fully automate their production
      line and FIRE all of those LAZY

      they then could get back to making the BIG BUCKS
      pickin' rice and dirt farming.

    • The kids should be in school reading Chaucer and
      Mark Twain and Shakespeare. How are they going to get
      into Harvard if they have to work in the factory? They
      should get rid of that marriage tax penalty and then
      maybe mom and dad wouldn't need the kids to work in the
      factory to support the family. Then maybe they could get
      some Gap khakis and eat out more. Get some
      Clearly the Southeast Asians would be much
      better off if Nike just closed all their production
      facilities and fired everyone. That's likely just the boost
      those economies need.

      The kids should be
      scouping ice cream for $5.25 an hour (or about $500 an
      hour based on local cost of living) at Ben and
      Jerry's, not working in the sweat shops. Isn't their
      allowance enough, anyway? It's all so sad. I just want to
      hug every last one of them.

      Toto, I don't
      think we're in Kansas anymore.

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