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  • crashof98 crashof98 Aug 12, 1998 1:41 PM Flag

    Does It HURT Yet ???


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    • ...if you're serious about the Pearl Harbor
      stuff, revisit someone else's notes; Japanese get credit
      for that event...

      is this the same
      research/reasoning that you use for stock

      sounds/smells like brain farts originating from your


    • Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no... NKE will be back.... Right now it's just experiencing some serious brain farts.

    • Ok, I'm a NIKE investor so that marks me as an
      idiot right off the bat, but I hope you'll still answer
      my question. Why do you apparently spend so much
      time attaking NIKE? Ok, maybe it doesn't take all that
      long to post a few (or lot) of messages but you sure
      seem to put a lot more effort into it than most people
      put into attaking their least favorite stocks. In
      fact I'd bet most people don't even bother to visit
      their least favorites message boards, or stock quotes,
      charts, etc. I figure you've either found your niche in
      irritating people and enjoy watching them squirm, and it's
      worth an extra research here and there just to get on
      peoples last nerves. Or you're shorting the stock and you
      think that the yahoo message boards actually have an
      effect on the market. I don't really mind a little
      negative research if it actually has a point, because if
      the company is in trouble I'd like to know, but are
      all those repetitive pointless posts necessary? I
      guess it's "just" the yahoo message boards which has a
      reputation for this kind of thing, I just don't understand
      the point of it.

      • 1 Reply to Nathan7264
      • The entire GIDDY market mentality needs folks
        like me to help bring some sense of realism to it.

        1) These companies (like NIKE) state that they will
        grow at 30% year after year, and there stock prices
        going vertical from fools who just BUY BUY BUY, hoping
        the next sucker will pay even more than they
        2) The investment firms who are caught napping while
        a company (like NIKE) loses HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of
        dollars, and LIES to the investment SHEEP public telling
        them that the stock is NOW a strong buy ! (this should
        be illegal and regulated -- most sheep investors
        just blindly follow these firms over the cliff, as
        these firms sell them their shares and profit at their
        3) The bad news about companies like NIKE needs to
        be advertised. These companies surely like to CANDY
        COAT their news and earnings. Even in the worst of
        times they say that 'NEXT QUARTER WILL BE DIFFERENT',
        this is the worst it will get -- I'm here to tell you
        that is PURE BULLSHIT, and I give you the articles and
        financial analysis to disprove such LIES.

        You should
        be glad that I spend the time doing the research, If
        you would have taken the time to read it, you would
        be a lot richer today because you would have exited
        the losing trade on Nike at $52 when I first arrived.

    • to drop a bit more before I would consider
      buying. I've never bought anything at 30 times earnings
      before...or 20 for that matter...12 or less is good for

      The Toronto Investment

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