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  • billyjoll billyjoll Apr 2, 2011 4:04 AM Flag

    Reason to go fo the pink sheets not negative - my guess

    By going dark they are kinda disconnected from the free market. It gives them a far better positions to negotiate for a more fair valuation when they they are in talks for a merger.

    My bet: It will not last more then 2 years for this baby to sel out for over 1$. With a bit of luck it might be even 3, 5 or 15..

    - only 15M shares out
    - 3M cash - no debt
    - +7M rev
    - +20% YO growth
    - NotifyMDM = new product aiming on a much broader market (including Exchange!)...
    - what if MDM has a hell of success like 20M a year ? going to 30M rev?

    6 to 8 times 30M? that's a potential of 180M to 240M valuation, with no dilution in sight by being dark that means that the PPS can run as high as +15 ...

    To optimistic? Maybe, but the 0.4 they show for now is to low... to low ... by a LOT!


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    • billy,
      You still following?
      I used to own it - now revisiting it.
      Noticed going dark.
      Do you have recent financials?

      • 1 Reply to bskptkl
      • still owning and following.
        revenue on last Q a bit south, but new product NotifyMDM is promising
        reason for going dark I believe is both to lower related costs and to prepare or ease a Merger/Aquisition and the hope is that deep pockets come along :)
        a good chance as mobile device management is heating up right now, with M&A activity in this area quit reasonable ...

    • Nice to see someone posting here! With the (lack of) volume I figure there aren't many people here. I agree with the bulk of your posts and figure one day we'll wake up to read the company was sold (if it were to happen soon my guess would be well north of $1). The risk is of course they don't want to sell and are content being pink for quite some time.

      Another problem is when they went dark I know I was scared off that they wouldn't even report numbers (by their 8k warning last year). It seems they'll continue reporting which is good. The other issue is volume of course. I thought the one fund that filed a 13-D not happy with the announcement might dump and we'd get some volume but hasn't happened.

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