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  • vcan24 vcan24 Apr 4, 2013 1:10 PM Flag


    I'm just wondering if there are any longs out there that believe in the company's plan of execution. Do you believe that the company holds some assets that are undervalued? although I do believe it's very speculative. I'm aware of most opinions that this may be a shell of a company to enrich management only. I'm thinking of just taking my SOMX losses and move on however I figure maybe I can start a tread to debate some of these issues so I can decide whether I should hold or just cut it loose before we go under a $1 again as with SOMX... It's not like there is a lot of analysis out there or info to do much DD.. Thanks in advance and good luck.

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    • vcan24,

      You can see some of my other posts herein that address your question. In short, you hit the nail on the head: this is, in fact, a shell of a company whose sole purpose is to enrich management (and a few of the legacy shareholders of the predecessor company, Zyber Pharmaceuticals, and the shell real estate company into which the pharma company merged). Many of those stakeholders have been enriched at this point, so they are effectively playing with house money. The management team -- what there is of it (see post elsewhere) -- is very thin on experience and has little to no operational talent. Since its reverse-merger public listing, the company has completed several acquisitions, in my opinion to hide poor organic results. The product portfolio and pipeline are very weak. Silenor may actually be the most significant product in the bag, and being a former SOMX holder, you know the story there...

    • I would like to know the same thing. Unless this company comes out with some great earnings in the next year or so, this could be a dead stock. They defintely have a larger drug pipe-line, but without Silenor growing in sales or going OTC, then it may not grow in price. I believe this was a $10.00 stock at one time, and it could reach it but who knows. If a large Pharma company bought it, then we could see some upside. I'm holding on for some time, unless it really starts to dip.

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