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  • russ_allthe_good_names_are_taken russ_allthe_good_names_are_taken Jan 7, 2005 12:44 AM Flag

    iTunes on Motorola phone... a reality!!,1759,1749056,00.asp

    They previewed it at CES yesterday.

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    • message #411916 was one of Riceens predictions weeks ago. One should read to get advice on the future.

    • In reading Riceen's predictions for the new year, he brings out many interesting points in his newsletter. He has lot's to say about Apple and it's movement each month in 2005. I don't agree with him on everything but he does bring out many new idea's on why certain stocks will go up even if the economy changes.

      In his essay he writes that he feels that AAPL will end the month of January at $79.65. I read that he is about 80% correct in his predictions. But' for him to say that by today, he See's the stock closing at $77.41, I feel there is no way he could be right again. It is all luck, intuition means nothing.

    • It's just more money for Apple. It won't have ANY effect on iPod sales.


      lol. you gotta be kidding me. with 10gig harddrives the size of a domino coming out. with cell phones being ubiquitous, why the fuck would anyone need to carry an extra device for music? imagine when all major cell phone makers come out with 4-10gig phones running iTunes. you think someone will buy one of them, and also buy an iPod?

      this is Blackberry all over again. aapl had a choice: keep iTunes proprietry to support sales of iPods or license it out to make it the standard interface. they chose the latter.

      the question is...will take make enough from iTune to offset the eventual decline in iPod sales.

      another option is that aapl comes out with their own line of iTune phones that are sexier than the others. that's my guess.

    • means death of iPOD. No need to carry a 40G drive. Just download the song to the flash of your cell phone on demand using the mini brower.

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