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  • freedom_still_lives freedom_still_lives Jan 16, 2006 7:10 PM Flag

    Gore-Bush broke law


    Its a direct attack on the Constitution
    calls for a special investigationinto the crimes commited by the Bush Adminstration

    Gore is right again

    Its about time someone is speaking up against the Bush attack on our constitution

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    • Dukemnukem likes to use stories on Scrapple, which is a satirical 'zine, as straight news when it suits his lying purposes.

    • I love a good black is white or good is evil story. I am amazed how the news can be spun for whatever political purpose it may serve in that day. Who are we to believe?

    • I like my source. I'll stick with it. But thanks for the alternative.

    • < See the link below for Iranian position on ANWR. >

      Dude, you've either been SO had, or have the oddest sense of humor :-)

      Ever hear of The Onion . . . Well . . . You just ran across a low rent version.

      Remember, always use three sources when you can . . . now go out there and try to find another source (reputable please) with that story . . .

    • See the link below for Iranian position on ANWR.

    • Jolines! Ivanski, you remember my post about Herb Alpert? That must have been six or eight months ago . . . I'm truly impressed.

      Between Herb Alpert (Tijuana Taxi) and the Bee Gees (my flatmate's favorite group, especially that tune called "how deep is your love") I was fit to be tied. No wonder I spent so much time chatting up the butcher at the local market. At the time I told myself I was on a mission to find the best piece of beef in that country (the meat really sucked), and if I cozied up to the old butcher I'd get something good. I finally did one day (a great piece of beef, I'd worked hard for it, after lots of smiles and endless gushing at photos of his grandkids), took it home and my roomie (a British woman, and trust me the British are god awful cooks) grabbed it and BOILED it when I wasn't looking. I would have killed her but her boyfriend du jour was there, and it wouldn't have been ladylike.

      Toga party? Are printed sheets ok? I have a southwestern motif thing going here . . .

    • Thanks! Good luck to you too!

    • "And Afgansistan and Iraq were defintely both parts of the terror landscape."

      Afghanistan yes, but Iraq?

      Anyway. I hate violence. I feel sorry for the people who are suffering. They are people like you and me. All they want is to live in peace and raise their families.
      I think that if there is another way of solving problems wars should be avoided.

      Call me what you want. I can't help it. I can't wish to others what I would not want for myself.

      Anyway. Thanks for the conversation. I have to go now.

      Good luck with AAPL tomorrow!

    • Good luck with your election. Whatever that means.

    • I disagree with your assessment. I think Kerry would have been very dangerous. We lost many people during the Clinton years. The first World Trade Center bombing. The attack on the USS Cole. The attack on the Khobar towers. In Rwanda. These all had terrorist connections. The success they had in these, with a weak President electing to ignore the attacks, helped embolden the terrorists to do more. That is why 9-11 happened. I do not blame Bill Clinton for the first attack on the WTC. I do fault him for doing nothing during the following years to fight terrorism. This failure to respond allowed it to grow and strengthen. In 9-11 we lost over 3000 people, the nerve center of our economy, and we almost had our entire House and Senate killed, except for the last plane crashing early. George Bush had no choice but to take the war to the terrorists in the most aggressive way. And Afgansistan and Iraq were defintely both parts of the terror landscape. No serious person disputes this.

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