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  • freedom_still_lives freedom_still_lives Jan 16, 2006 7:24 PM Flag

    Gore-Bush broke law


    --Was he right when he said he invented the internet? ---

    You fell for that GOP spin.(LIE)
    Gore never made anysuch claim,ask Newt
    Newt said Gore made no such claim

    One thing for sure-
    There is no way in hell Gore would have screwed up this bad.

    GORE is Right
    Bush is wrong

    This topic is deleted.
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    • No. you are mistaken. Iraq is what has all you liberals pissed. I happen to think Iraq is a noble, just, necessary cause. Besides which, US deaths are minimal compared to many other less important wars US has been engaged in. Your side is simply sore because they are totally failing at carrying out their agenda. Republicans are merely mediocre - which this day and age is good enough.

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      • <Republicans are merely mediocre - which this day and age is good enough.>

        Well I'm sure glad that Steve Jobs doesn't think mediocre is "good enough".

        This regime has fallen. It is done. Think Terri Shiavo, Social Security, Ahmed Chalabi, Tom DeLay, WMD's, Jack Abramoff, Hurricane Katrina ("Nice job, Brownie"), and Iraq ("Mission Accomplished").

        The sound bites, EXPECIALLY "moral bankruptcy", are quickly being turned against them. They can't run fast enough or far enough.

        Check the latest approval rating polls. 2006 elections are going to be VERY interesting.

      • There is nothing noble about the cause. China throw money at oil exporting coutries and we hurl bombs at them. We are facing declining oil production. Cheney told us to expect wars to continue many years into the future. He believes in peak oil. In 1999 as the CEO of Haliburton, he made the following statement.

        "By some estimates, there will be an average of two-percent
        annual growth in global oil demand over the years ahead,
        along with, conservatively, a three-percent natural decline
        in production from existing reserves.That means by 2010 we
        will need on the order of anadditional 50 million barrels a
        day. "

      • Which laws were broken?
        Were you incensed when Clinton did the same to get dirt on political foes?
        Did you find it wrong when the fed arrested Aldrich Ames using the same methods?
        We need to keep this under control-YES
        We need people who don't like this to scream from the roof tops-YES
        We need to hold our elected officials feet to the fire-YES
        I feel it is more important to critiscise our own side when they are wrong!
        Bush was correct in his actions-legally and morally.

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