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  • garylubenow garylubenow Mar 29, 2006 11:29 PM Flag

    Why did it surge?

    No real news in the public media. One outlet attributes the rise to MS woes in EU, but that can't be it. My guess is that some mm got insider info of good news coming soon. the sudden spike this morning is only possible if caused by large funds, just like the dumps off the 80s were causes by funds.

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    • >ABove and beyond all of that it surged because apple is at a ridiculously low price.<

      gump -

      I have never responded to any of your posts, but I have to say I have enjoyed reading them.

      I'm a true non-trader, yet am interested in the reasons for the movements in the AAPL stock. As far as it being priced too low, I have read arguments on both sides and I tend to lean to your way of thinking.

      What do you feel long-term, and do you trade/hold AAPL?


    • {{ I disagree. }}

      I think you're more likely to be right than I am.


    • {{ i thought there was something fishy about you, your a SHORT (kidding...I think). }}

      No, not at all. I've never been short, in fact, wouldn't feel comfortable shorting a stock (any stock) even if I knew it was going to make me money. It just ain't my bag.

      I bought some AAPL shares some years ago, simply because I had been informed I had no business posting if I wasn't either long or short. It got interesting for a while, but I sold and lost interest. Bought some more just as it fell about 30%, held until it hit bottom, bought some more (not at the bottom, but close enough) held for a while and sold. Made some money, but nothing to write home about.

      I'll stick to real estate.


    • It surged due to a confluence of events. First it touched a level that brought in value-orientated buyers. If you have read the papers the last fews days you would have seen a number of articles about apples price becoming "attractive." There were lots of new buyers waiting to jump on the cheap prices. At the same time these new buyers were coming in a whole bunch of long term short sellers were deciding they had riden it down far enough and it was time to cover. They were wrong. They should have covered first thing. Finally there were all sorts of intraday shorts, people who own 100 or 200 shares and try to sell them off the morning high and buy them back off the afternoon low. These people were also wrong. Today was not a good day to try that.

      ABove and beyond all of that it surged because apple is at a ridiculously low price.

    • >I am staying cautious (but a bit more optimistic).<

      A bit of exuberance today, but it was understandable and overdue. Even if it was short-lived, it was good to know that some here may have recouped their losses enough to pull out.

      You know I'm in for the full 26-miles, and I hope others who stick it out are well-rewarded. Many may consider it blind faith, yet I'm confidently betting on the future of AAPL/Apple.

      Best of luck, ts!

    • {{ thank you! you dont own shares? wow. Get some. }}

      Forgive me, but I think it'll quite possibly head lower yet, though I do believe it's close to bottom. Oh, and that's very much just a guess on my part, I haven't owned shares for some time, so haven't followed it nearly close enough to make more than a guess.

      Even then I doubt I'll buy unless it REALLY drops a lot. My game is real estate, and I learned long ago to stick primarily with what I know best.


    • >But up 3.62 and an increase in volume of 132% sure makes me feel EVEN BETTER. <

      Still pulling for you. I hope much better days are ahead and you make a ton o' profit!

    • It surged because it hit the 200 day moving average for only the third time in three years. A lot of traders had buy orders sitting there and once it bounced the momentum players jumped in as well. After that the buyers with renewed confidence joined in.

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