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  • inflation2007 inflation2007 Oct 3, 2006 3:06 PM Flag

    people NEVER learn


    and this is exactly the axiom Wall Street crooks use to make their $$$millions$$$ in the expense of retail investors.

    If you are surprised by DOW's breaking of ts all time high today, I was not! I was expecting that as I was also watching the SPX and the NAS that are lacking way to far behind. CNBC brings in everybody they can and have to pump the market more... Don't you love watching Jim Cramer??? I do!

    30 TAX FREE divident paying stocks have reached together an all time high! Congrats to those who engineered this with their buying software programs. Now, tonight and tomorrow the WHOLE WORLD will read the headlinez; DOW IN ITS ALL TIME HIGHS!!! Thus, many retail investors will be, again, sucked in... as manipulative wall street crooks are SELLING AS WE SPEAK...

    What really amazes me is the extent of the deception, the measure of the pumping, and the depth of the lies the US financiual media feeds the retail US investors. It also never ceases to amaze me how GULLIBLE Americans are! So GULLIBLE as to buy this pumping frenzy. CNBC has the title every 5 minutes on their screen. DOW IN ALL TIME HIGHS!!! can you not feel the rythm? Can you not HEAR the BELOVED MARIA BARTIMORO pumping as she reads the prepared texts in front of her wearing a nice sincere smile in her face?

    Now let me ask you something. Look at your portfolio. Is it at all time highs? Nope! Its probably less than half of its all time highs, isn't it?

    People never learn. History allways repeats itself. There is NOTHING new under the sun! (that's a BIBLE quote by the way). Ofcourse AAPL is lacking behind today, not being able to participate in this fake - pumped up - manipulative rally. Yes the DOW in in its all time HIGH!!! WOW!!

    Well, maybe its not wow... Maybe someone is playing you. Maybe someoene is screwing with your mind, maybe somoene is putting his/her hands in your pocket as we speak...

    Look at the price of oil and the price of gold today! What do you think now? Can you connect the dots? Can you see that NONE of the global geopolitical issues have been resolved yet? Is the Iran issue resolved? Is the Palestinian?Israelite issue resolved? Is the N. Korea issue resolved? is the amazing demand for OIL from CHINA nd INIDA resolved? Well REPUBLICANS want you to think that it has been resolved... We have elections in a few weeks... In the history of the USA never a ruling party has WON THE ELECTIONS WHILE OIL PRICES WERE HIGH!

    Does anyone wonder where oil will be after the November elections? really? Do you ever think like that? Why does the whole world think that Americans by their nature are extremely gullible?

    So you believe the hype? Then BUY all the stocks you want. This is, according to bulls an accumulation opportunity!!! Did you get that? BULLS SAY THIS IS AN ACCUMULATION OPPORTUNITY... Buy aapl, buy rimm buy orcl, buy akam.. BUY... This is the opportunity of your life!


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    • < Ofcourse AAPL is lacking behind today, >

      What does this mean, "lacking behind"?

      Does it have anything to do with Gappy?

    • I absolutely agree. It is clear as water that the Republicans are propping up this market. They have so many strikes against them, that if they give the Democrats (no I am not a democrat) the issue of the economy, they are doomed. They will do whatever it takes to keep this market up until after the elctions and then heaven help us all. The economy is in recession, the trade deficit is at an all time high, the housing market is plummeting. And yes, the stock market will crash. After November (and sooner if the Republicans run out of money) people will be jumping out of buildings.

      And the naive Americans deserve it. First, because they believe pie in the sky goes on forever, and second, because they keep electing the party that is bleeding the country dry. We have the exact same situation that we had in 1926 and it was just a matter of time before the crash of '29. Now, news travels faster, and the crash will come faster. If you're smart, you're educating yourself about how to profit from a declining market, because it will fall about 30% and that's about 3600 points. Wait for it.

    • Sorry to disapoint you, but yes, my portfolio is at its all-time high. It's been an amazing couple of months. Instead of complaining, just join the trend and make money as well. And when the trend turns south, buy puts and make money too. Why do people always need to go against the trend and to try to catch tops/bottom? This is ridiculous. Just enjoy it.

    • Anyone who bases their investments on an undiversified measure of 30 stocks like the DOW deserves to lose money.

      BTW, the U.S. doesn't control worldwide oil. The Arabs, Russians, Nigerians and Venezuelans do. Exxon is the biggest U.S. oil company in existence and controls only 3% of the world's oil, so there is no manipulation.

      Then again, you silly shorts don't have much use for reality, do you?

    • well-said!!!

    • Agreed! thats why i shortin dow, & i say dow will head for 12000 after a sell-off imo
      all about the headlines imo!! mr n mrs joe public gets screwed bwhhahahahahahhhahaha!!

      gotta luv this game!!

      all imo

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