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  • amzntarget400 amzntarget400 Jul 1, 2007 4:02 AM Flag

    Now Apple stores are starting to sell out!!!!

    This is unbelievable! First all the AT&T stores sell out the first night, and now tonight many of the Apple stores are starting to sell out, check the inventory on, California, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas etc etc etc... Once you try the iphone it's immediately addicting and you realize this is the best, most beautiful, efficient and productive device the world has ever seen. It makes every other cell phone out there seem like an antique. All these bashers, naysayers etc are people who haven't even tried the iphone yet, let alone seen one in person. There's shorts here bashing 24/7 because they're in a complete panic and THEY SHOULD BE! This stock is going through the roof Monday. I'm expecting AT LEAST a 5 to 7 point pop and that's being extremely conservative. Most likely AAPL goes up 12 to 134 on Monday, maybe much higher once the reality sets in of just what an amazing machine this is. It blew away even my wildest expectations. These bashers on this message board, on the media, on CNBC are all not only a joke, their intentions of trying to bring down AAPL stock is so apparent it makes THEM look like idits. And what was up with that low class tabloid style bashing of Steve Jobs done by CNBC "On The Money"??? And what's up with this so called web developer (that a short posted) who is complaining the fonts are too small and why don't they have a font option button. DUH!!!! You use your finger to click to make it smaller or bigger and go to a specific point to make that area bigger, like a picture, a link etc. And that guy is supposed to be a web developer???? What a joke! LMAO!!!!!!! The shorts can work all around the clock as long as they like. The media, press can say or do whatever they want, the PUBLIC however has spoken and the more they sell, the more people see it, experience the iphone the MORE they are going to keep selling, it's having a snowball effect this weekend, because Apple went all out to create the most brilliant device ever invented. Heck, even the camera is better than any phone camera out there, it takes crisp clear pictures, the sound, voice, picture is crisp and clear, the functionality is crisp, clean and clear, EVERYTHING about this is amazing. Like I said, the shorts, bashers, media, press, skeptics etc can say and do all they want, the fact is come Monday morning the shorts are going to have the most RUDE awakening they've ever experienced. The shorts will be panicking from now until the Apple train hits. NEVER bet against Apple.

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    • Over 60 Apple stores now sold out, 31 in California alone. Last night 26 were sold out after Midnight. Click the link below, check each state to calculate for yourself.

    • i'm here in Naples, FL typing this in on an apple computer. they sold out this morning of the 8gb i-phones already! unreal! their new macs are awesome too!

    • There's nothing surprising about this successful launch. It was expected by everyone, right?

      What now?

      Sega's Dreamcast had a huge opening day too. So did Sony's PS3. The faithful and the tech geeks will always make a cool new product a successful launch. The real question is where the mainstream consumer needs, wants, or can afford, the item. I'm not comparing the iPhone to those other systems. I'm saying how it sells 1-6 months from now is far more important than how it sells in the first few days.

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      • A fair question.

        In my opinion, the PS3 didn't have a killer app and there were a LOT of people buying one to flip it on ebay. I bought an iPhone on Friday and most of the people I talked to were buying one for themselves. If you look at the number available on ebay, it's a small percentage of available units.

        I bought a Dreamcast myself and loved it. But it wasn't something that everyone else saw and said "I have to have one." That's not the case with the iPhone. Everyone who's played with it has fallen in love with the interface. The only objection I heard for one of them was more along the lines of "I don't need a phone with all that" but everyone has been impressed.

        I think you will see a steady stream of buyers. The initial group were people like me, the gadget freaks who made up their mind to get one in January. The next wave will be made up of the cautious buyers who waited to make sure the phone performs as advertised. Add to that the trailing group of people over the next two years who are waiting out their current contracts, and I think you'll see very steady sales.

        The mobile web interface and visual voicemail are two extremely killer apps. I know a lot of the glowing reviews sound like hyperbole, but those two apps will go down in my book as two things that I will not live without anymore - joining the likes of my Tivo and Bluetooth access on my car. I think you'll be impressed when you try it yourself.

      • I've been invested in RIMM since 2002, and I still think RIMM goes to 250, I've been saying that to the shorts, bashers forever, but I have to admit, the iphone will definitely take a big bite out of Blackberry sales. I'm a Blackberry fanatic and my friend got an iphone, got it connected in 30 minutes, I don't believe all this bs negative hype about all these problems, everyone I know has one and not only had no problems but are addicted to it. I tried it out last night and I have to admit, the iphone is the first product I've ever seen or experienced that actually puts the Blackberry to shame. My blackberry curve now ooks, feels and behaves like a device that's outdated light years compared to the iphone. I hope Apple does have a pullback because I'll sell some RIMM and diversify into AAPL as well.


    • Can you say HALO EFFECT!!!!!!!

    • AAPL will be the new GOOG. I expect AAPL at 250 by summer 2008.

    • I ordered on on line on Saturday.. I wish I had ordered one on Friday night. Now I have to wait 2 -4 weeks to get one.... damn... Can't wait ...

      I fell in love with the device just looking at the ads and the demonstration presentation on

      By the way, I got so many calls from my friends in Hong Kong saying that they want one too. They all say the price of "US$600" is very cheap. I have to explain to them that the US version will not work with a foreign SIM card... They'll have to wait for the phone to be sold locally..
      They say that 3G would be nice but it is not absolutely necessary since it has Wifi functions. Watch.. the same craze will be repeated all over the world... city by city.. country by country...the Apple storm will hit everywhere !!

    • Barrons wrote article pre-release of the iphone. They were talking about it on CNBC Friday night. They're trying to sell papers by tying in their cover page with the iphone hype. Only problem is they should have revised their article when they realized just how huge the iphone really is, not only in sales and consumer response, but also long term this is going to be gigantic for Apple and all the other revenue, profit opportunities tied into it, like itunes for example. Apple is the 3rd largest music retailer. The list goes on and on. P.S.. I know a lot of people who have bought the iphone, not one of them took more than 30 minutes to get it activated by AT&T and the ATT Edge network is much faster than originally rumored.

    • all great points especially the last...Never bet against Apple.

    • good post.

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