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  • dems_please_fix_america dems_please_fix_america Aug 13, 2007 3:29 AM Flag

    republicans bleed the middle class

    and as you know 5% of america owns 55% of all real estate, by the time Bush is done 10% of america will own 80% of all real estate, educate your parents and anyone over 40 that life would be much easier for them financially if they vote democrat.

    Many come back with I just don't like seeing the blacks and mexicans on welfare, if it makes you feel better, it cost taxpayers less then paying to keep them in prison.

    AAPL is going under 100, thats the washout and will get all those greedy guys on margin knocked out and introduce them to having to have the ability to trade, not buy aapl on margin sell take profits, buy aapl on margin again, sell and take profits, some do it 20-50 times a day (must have 25,000 in the bank to do that)

    You will get killed and lose all you have gained if you hold here, I myself do not think aapl holds 100, 82 will be the bottom unless we experience a 10-15% worlwide selloff.

    Sell AAPL tomorrow morning and go long rimm and buy some AUG 100 puts, they are dirt cheap and will provide serious protection for what could be 5 straight down days for the dow, nasdaq, and s and p and especially aapl.

    This market is acting exactly like it did before the 1987 stockcrash, my grandma keeps pointing this out to me, she was a stockbroker at the time.

    I am just trying to help you and educate you, of course I am short aapl but am not the type to curse you or be mean or call you stupid, watch the movie "loose change" on youtube. c o m, the second edition and specifically part 2 and 3 and ask yourself have you ever heard of 270 billion dollars worth of gold blocks stolen and it not making the media. Building 7 needed to come down because thats where they kept all the SEC records that would have exposed all those failure to deliver shares from naked shorting and 9-20 shares in the system in some of the most popular stocks when only 2 shares should exist, one to buy and one to share and I believe those are suppose to be the same share.With the elimination of the uptick rule, stocks are about to go into free fall except for good ones like RIMM NMX MNT ,good name more but I'm not a stockpumper.

    good luck apple longs, you will certainly need it.

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