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  • monahan73 monahan73 Oct 26, 2007 8:09 PM Flag

    where does AAPL end 2007?

    I say $197.94

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    • should trade up about 15% from these levels - which would put it $220 range .... look for $300 next year ....

      jobs always has something up his sleeve and look for some new product announcements - maybe as early as next month - for sure in jan 08 at mac world and again around april with new iPhone - 3g and don't forget apple tv .....

    • Imagine the run up to earnings in January. With such strong guidance at $1.42 a share, and the expected beat, the run up should push this well into the 200's. I say 220 before next earnings CC, and then a 10% jump after. I see it closing out 2008 over 300, up 50-60% for the YTD 2008.

    • Well aapl has doubled this year already when it nearly hit $190. Now factor in the new OS, the increased Mac market share, the new Ipods, 3G Iphone, new Beijing store, more retail outlets, soon to be #1 cell phone, possible alliance with Goog on Skype-like-phone ITouch (Note that Goog just announced they MIGHT want a partner (hint, hint) to help bid on the Wi-Fi spectrum and Aapl has more cash then Goog), Iphone revenue streams will be compounding, sales and revenue streams from Europe will be building, and ummm, what more do you want out of a company for potential? Anyway, I think this company has a lot more legs and could easily go up 50% if not 100% in value in another year. $380 would not be unrealistic especially if Aapl/Goog form an alliance and suddenly have a short-term monopoly on Skype-phone communications which COULD have video-phone capability easily with a camera and mic installed on an ITouch. And don't just bash these ideas. Think about it. Who else is on the verge of making this happen in the next year?

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