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  • stoptawkn2 stoptawkn2 Jan 4, 2008 6:53 PM Flag

    Serious question - bought AAPL @ 202.91

    My advice? Don't take advice from strangers.

    Nobody has any idea whats going to happen in 1-2-3 months. What business pundits seem to be saying though is

    1) The whole weak dollar trickle down your leg fairy-land economy wasn't magic after all. Reagan will be crushed.

    2) It takes energy to make things, innovation is great, but it turns out conjuring,incantations and advertisements don't create matter. And energy is only going to get more expensive no matter whether you use canola oil or corn oi in your mini-suv-armored vehicle. I'm sure Al Gore is secretly shedding a tear.

    3) It takes people to buy things, and it looks like their purchasing power isn't what the corporate media outlets swore it was. No matter how fast the federal reserve prints money to shower incompetent money lenders with at your children's expense, it still won't be free.

    4) It appears that being stupid, while a viable business strategy in the 80's,90's and early 2000's, is not a sign of brilliance on the sly. The next wave of outsourcing should involve another galaxy.

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    • > Nobody has any idea whats going to happen in 1-2-3 months.

      Nobody KNOWS what is happening on monday....

      I took my loss this morning @ 191.13......

      I don't know what is happening either. Only problem is that what Apple sells nobody HAS to have. Not like a food producer...

      We should get hints Monday.... Asian markets will follow US markets down...


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