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  • steeltree66 steeltree66 May 2, 2008 2:07 PM Flag

    Who is buying AAPL at these prices????

    After scanning through the charts last night I really had a tough time finding a stock chart that was as extended as AAPL. I have no position, but I just have to ask who the hell is buying it up here. The stock has been up on air almost everyday how much upside from here do people think they are going to get from here???

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    • Looks like another JDSU in '00. Get ready for the economy to hit their numbers and the wind blow out of the balloon at dizzying levels.

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      • If you are suggesting that Apple is like JDSU then you truly are out of your league. .Did JDSU have over 18 billion in cash with essentially for separate companies: Ipod, Imac, iphone, Itunes blasting away on all four cylinders with the Mac computers having essentially no limit to their growth due to having only approx 7% of the market. Apple just blew away numbers smack dab in the middle of the worst part of our current economic downturn so your economic argument is completely without merit so go back to your sandbox

    • thomasbaird1 May 3, 2008 3:12 PM Flag

      The trend is your friend. Stock trending up, Dont fight the trend or the tape.Just go with it. Average in as it goes.Price target 200 in the short term.

      Mean Recommendation (this week): 1.9
      Mean Recommendation (last week): 1.8
      Change: 0.1

      * (Strong Buy) 1.0 - 5.0 (Sell)
      Compare to Industry
      Mean Target: 204.04
      Median Target: 200.00
      High Target: 250.00
      Low Target: 154.00
      No. of Brokers: 24

      Data provided by Thomson/First Call

      24-Apr-08 Morgan Keegan Upgrade Underperform Mkt Perform
      22-Apr-08 Lehman Brothers Initiated Overweight RECOMMENDATION TRENDS

      Current Month Last Month Two Months Ago Three Months Ago
      Strong Buy 8 7 7 7
      Buy 16 14 16 16
      Hold 3 5 5 4
      Underperform 0 0 0 0
      Sell 1 0 0 0

      Data provided by Thomson/First Call

    • AAPL is up on great earnings, products and expectations. It is up and going higher, i think because the earnings were so good during a tough time, the products are outstanding, and the expectations go beyond the moon.

    • Why don't you go look at MA and tell me why its near $300 and apple isn't? Apple should be past $250 by now if it wasn't unfairly driven down by shorts in Jan. 20 billion in the bank and a product line that beats anybodys in the world.

    • a lot of individual investors and insitutions

    • maybe you should ask yourself "how much downside?" I'm not buying here because it currently is my largest position. However, I did buy on the sell-off at 173. Not sure there will be a better entry point then now. You only need to look at the new product releases....Imac, Iphone and Ipods.....disregarding what else may be in the pipeline. Also, I believe the agreement with at&t is up about 12 months from now with the Iphone. Only then will you see the head to head competition with RIMM. The 52 week high is around $203....20+ $ above the current price. My guess is within the next 12 months, aapl will break through the preious 52 week high.

    • Charts sometimes mislead innocents. This stock will probably split at somewhere above 200. Check out their pipeline...New generation of I-phones affordable to many more people...aapl mystique is really just now spreading like wildfire. Enjoy the ride... Regards, Trig..

    • Nobody is "buying" it! Certainly nobody on this bd., unless they were only 8 yrs. old during the market melt down of 2000.
      The funds, the institutions, and the so called big boys, all bought when it was down- they don't wait for it to go up and buy it from the retail, or "little" boys.

      Hedge funds, and market makers are actually "selling it" now while exchanging smaller number of shares within different accounts, in between transactions to intercept retail's mostly sell/and small buy orders,thereby holding it steady at this level until they achieve their goal. All of a sudden it becomes somthing like an empty bag! That's where the term "bag holder" comes from.

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      • Smart money buy low, sell high. Little boys buy low and hope for higher but end up selling low.

      • retail traders are buying with the look to get rich quick. Not in this economy. Smart money is selling at 180 and smart money will buy again at 150. The market is on a roll right now, so take your risk if that is what you so desire, but most of us, traders, are not buying
        at 180, we are waiting for a retreat
        back to 170 or below which is what the stock is really worth at this point. Who really likes to watch streaming video on their cell phone, not people that I ask or know
        It is not the medium of choice. Sure
        the Iphone is fun and offers many innovative features, but to download a movie on it and sit with it in my hand and watch it on a mini screen for 2 hours is not my idea of a great time. Not with Blu Ray high end DVDs available and HD TV. A phone is still a toy compared to other technology. We will see 170 before we see 190, because the fund managers are not buying at this price. Sell at 181 and take you money to the bank.

      • live_free_or_die_in_america live_free_or_die_in_america May 2, 2008 2:40 PM Flag

        Most sense I've heard all day.


    • There is a ton of stuff coming up in late May and June. Buy now or ask the same question again. In a couple weeks

    • You should learn how to read stock charts before you post crap like this.

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