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  • ntack5 ntack5 Jun 11, 2008 11:43 AM Flag

    Please tell me why I need an iPhone???

    My current phone does...
    1. text messaging
    2. email
    3. internet browsing
    4. it works everywhere I go

    Ohh, and it was free with my service AND...
    I have an iPod already, which I do not plan to throw away so I can spend another $200 on a 3G iPhone.

    If you buy AAPL stock, you are missing the facts. If you own it, sell it NOW!!!

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    • Iphone is not for idiots!

    • Does anybody need a BMW ? a Honda would not get you to the same place ? You understand now, do you ?

    • Why buy iPhone? It's the in-thing to own. You can't fight modern trends. They have to play out on their own timetable. Right now the iPhone is IT, IT, IT for people who are intent on keeping up with the latest trends. I didn't want or need one before the latest innovation--GPS. Now, it's a MUST-HAVE.

    • Gotta have one to connect to the iPod.

    • but NO phone except the iphone runs a real browser. go to the apple store and play for a while,youll see.

      not to mention, have you ever heard of mac os getting a virus.


    • One of the points you are missing with Apple is its "stylish" mystique. You can buy functional shoes at Payless or you can purchase Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks, and Chanels. The IPhone is really a toy. It is not a Blackberry and doesn't pretend to be a Blackberry. People will pay for their toys, else we'd all still have our old analog, overweight, boxy, space-hogging color tv's and we'd just go out and by an HD conversion box to upgrade a/o/t everyone running out to buy the newest LCDs and plasma screens.

    • Yeah, who even needs a computer nowadays?

      Oh... that's right- the entire developed world.

      The iphone is the first in a next generation of super-mobile computers- *pocket computers*

      which will handle all types of mobile communications, transactions, and navigations.

      A recession will not stop this technology train, just merely slow it down for the time being.

    • Firstly, please do not BUY one now as there aren't enough to go round now!

      Secondly, maybe you should tell us why you still buy a new pair of jeans or shirt when you already have many of them at home? Yes, the people in apparel, shoe wear etc...knows the answer so well and that's why they can still sell you a new sports shoes, shirt or pants. AAPL is the same here and there is only a small fraction of the population that is included in the target market. I tend to believe that you are within this group....

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      • You buy new jeans, shoes, etc when the old ones wear out or when you outgrow them. You buy a new TV when the old one stops working. Anything different is a waste of money and resources.

        It is foolish to think iphones won't sell well but they are completely unnecessary and just another item to put people in debt and force them to depend on society for their financial security. If you wait a year or two these will be free with your plan renewal so I'm not sure why people would want to rush out and buy now what will be free later. Of course we all know they will but it is a self defeating action.

    • you dont..... put all those with money to burn and feed there egos due.....why not...its new tech....its not the only product they sell either turd....big picture....and if i could only carry 1 stock this would be it...i didnt buy this stock for the I-phone that they produce.....neither did the others that post and own, i would bet

    • Its the only way you'll get attention you desperate broke fool.

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