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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Dec 9, 2008 6:50 PM Flag

    Will walmart let apple make much?

    ...they are ruthless in dictating the price they will pay to suppliers, why will they let aple make more than a dollar or 2 on each phone. question:

    WHAT IS APPLE'S COST BASIS FOR THE I-PHONE, I-POD, AND OTHER STUFF they sell as their margins are definitely going to be tiny. You bet walmart knows to the penny their cost and wont "let" them make more than a certain amount. Walmart as an aside, might be destroying the retail free enterprise system as we know/knew it. Whats next? walmart kiosks in all the malls so even little guys get put out of business. The lower middle class of which I am one is benefiting from this in 5 years when 1/2 the retailers may be out of business and another 2 million jobs lost, then we will have to see the price we paid for "low prices." Lets not forget the kids doing child labor in china either. Poor souls. I myself would gladly pay 15% more for every item at walmart if i knew no child was being exploited. But then....I only use walmart for food shopping. Thier lowest cost burgers are amazingly delicious!

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