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  • no_cash_no_buy no_cash_no_buy Oct 9, 2009 5:32 PM Flag

    Android/GOOG phones starts to take root, VZ, Sprint, DT, ATT joins too

    Remember, AAPL was basicly killed by MSFT, but then while MSFT and all Compu makers DELL, HPQ etc.. fell asleep AAPL was quietly working on music and other enjoyment tools. AAPL did a great job to come up with the iPod, then when phones started to get smart with RIMM, AAPL again was very smart to transfer the magic from iPod to iPhone. It was destined to happen, phones with great internet connections and easy to use.

    AAPL put themselves in customers shoes and saw what they want. Great job AAPL.

    But now game over, the end game is here, no more tricks or magic, the rules of the game are open to all; MAKE EASY TO USE PHONES THAT ACCESS INTERNET AS MUCH AS POSIBLE, WITH GOOD LOOKS.

    Goog is annother brand name loved by consumers they are flooding the market with smart phones that are consumer friendly. Steep copitition will bring down the price, that means low margine for iPhones

    GAME OVER, mark my words 10/09/2009

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