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  • gwconcord gwconcord Jan 2, 2010 2:45 PM Flag

    Looking back at Iphone rumors from 2005-06...

    While everyone speculates on a tablet, I thought it would be interesting to think of today's rumors in context of those in 2005 & 2006 about what the Iphone might look like:

    Here's one from '05:

    And October '06:

    As you can see from '06, someone was imagining something similar to an Ipod crossed with a regular cell phone. All this makes me wonder if talk that a tablet will be a larger ipod touch will also prove to be incorrect and the actual tablet, if it exists, might have a few surprises.

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    • Almost forgot the important part, the itablet will also include a "phone" that will be apples version internet telephone calling for a penny a minute. This can be done handsfree or bluetooth and includes a video link via the built-in camera on the itablet.

    • It will definately be completely different from an iphone and touch. It is supposed to also have a completely new user interface. Some type of invisible tactile keyboard possibly...

      This is gonna replace the laptop in my opinion. Sure there will still be laptops as there are still dumb phones now, but this will ultimately take over. Think about it-basically a hand held computer with a bigger screen and more abilities than an iphone. It will include a kindle-like device and a breathtaking display that can be used for u-tube or downloading movies or apple tv. Tv is also gonna be eventually all broadcast over the internet in the future. That will free up alot of bandwidth for wireless internet and cellular services. Oh, and libraries will also be gone in another 10 years. What the heck good will they be?

    • You're right, there are definitely going to be surprises......with innovation comes surprises. Even the OS used for the device is unknown. So we'll see a lot of speculation until the unveiling.

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