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  • FunnieBucket FunnieBucket Mar 17, 2010 1:56 PM Flag

    AEA said Apple going Red Today

    INDEX at NEW HIGH for the year moment ago

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    • Id say he is WAY more right than you

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      • chalky

        please read the entire message thread again -- you took it in the wrong context -- if you see my posts on other boards, you might see why i chose those words -- AEA might be finally picking the perfect spot to go short thinking the stocks are rolling over for a sell off at a year-high, and that maybe it's a good time to go short -- maybe because i am critical of their posts that you took it as if i were bashing them, but that is not always the case -- i have a few posts that said AEA should wait for the 1063-1071 S&P 500 LEVEL INDEX to then finally take a short -- turns out Apple has lead the market once again, and this time to the downside

        why did i bash around AEA for the past week plus a few days? because i knew they were shorting too soon -- and they got caught on some day trades and had to hold them a few weeks -- but, Apple topped out a day or two ahead of the index, and today was the day to get short, no sooner, no later -- missing the first 2 points of a slide does not make the best trading approach, as it is always good to get direction going your way if you are playing the leading stock -- if you're playing the index, and the leading stock rolls over, then the index plays tag along and then the trader's life is just that much easier -- but why play the index if your goal is to outperform the index move -- Apple provides just that -- when Apple bottoms out, the index will too -- but who wants to play the index when the bang for the buck is in Apple -- that is why AEA is trading Apple, it gives the best return possible in either direction -- it is not a mistake they are trading Apple as their heaviest weighted trades in the stock universe, and since Apple does not trade on their exchange, so they show up here -- they also key in on others big movers like GOOG BIDU POT -- but POT seems to be out of their league being non-tech and somewhat energy/material/commodity related

        AEA day trader, swing trader, intermediate-term position trader -- they do not do long-term -- they couldn't work for Buffet because they do not know how to hand really big money

    • when does the sell off start today

    • I thought AAPL was a leader? it has been lagging the market move up. No ?

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