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  • roderickb99 roderickb99 Aug 27, 2010 9:22 AM Flag

    Apple Tech Load Hard Core Porn to New Mac

    A well to do friend of mine bought an Apple
    Desk top.

    HE took it in for them to move files from old
    Dell to new Mac.

    They did not like some of his photos.

    They loaded hard core porn of Men and Women
    doing discusting things.

    Is this a lawsuit?????????????????????

    I told him they would take back when he told
    them what they did - the Apple techs.


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    • Nobody looks at the files or even CAN see files in transit through a firewire cable. They don't move the files by opening and then copy command you know; Apple is a LITTLE more high tech than that. If someone saw something they shouldn't have it's because someone had the files scattered on the desktop or something. Of course DELL computers come with porn already installed in the form of their OS, but still...

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