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  • kibash_dippybod kibash_dippybod Oct 20, 2010 7:11 PM Flag

    AAPL to 344 by December 25 reasons

    next two qusrters will be AAPLs strongest quarters.
    Schools open, kids need ithings. holiday season coming everyone wants ithis and ithat for a gift and for themselves if they get money. AAPl will rise before earnings again.
    344 no problem!! You kidding me??
    I'm sandgbaggin at 344. more like 375.
    anything cooler than aapl stuff?? no!

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    • I agree with your $375 number for Jan 1, 2011.

      PE is range the last year is 20-24. Trading range the last 10 years is 15-60 with an average PE ratio of 35. Growth rate is 70% today...likely to be 60-70% for the next year..and a solid 30-35% thereafter...

      Amazon, Bidu, Netflix trading in excess of PE of 50 for growth rates a bit less than Apple. Even Google growing at 25% per year is trading at a PE now of 25. By that last metric alone Apple is 20% undervalued.

      Did I mention they have 51 Billion in cash and short term securities. They could buy Facebook (25B), Sprint (13B), Netflix (9B), Twitter (3B) and still have a cool billion left over to add to their (predicted) 6 Billion they will generate in this coming quarter (holiday season) Apple would be left with a 7 Billion....why not buy SiriusXM for 3B or so....own all those..and still have 4 Billion and likely generate 30 Billion a year in cash with all these business.' Oh plus you take over there cash position...not much of one granted. But still!

      Apple will do NONE of this likely..but they will make a ton of earnings...and the stock will double over the next 15 months with incredible sales coming....continuing their track record for at least another 3 years at the bare minimum.

    • 300 reasons PLUS; one of the best investments during the past decade, or more. prognosis, anuther 100 during next six months; IOW AAPL wil be at 400 by April 2011

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