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  • midnightrambler108 midnightrambler108 Dec 13, 2010 7:51 PM Flag

    interesting note on volume

    Their growth expectations are a moon shot. They will not make them.

    AAPL will not make over $5/share

    The P/E is real. And it indicates this stock is over-valued. I am sorry.

    Forward P/E may be 15x but that is with them selling what they say they can sell. I am saying they can't and won't sell that much.

    The valuation of this company at 300 billion is ridiculous.

    It's just a slow computer people...!!!!

    Maybe you guys should invest in General Electric and try and solve your addiction to Oil instead,,,

    No But instead you pump this company... APPLE. Like it was the greatest thing since the record player.

    It is not worth this much money. Mark my words.

    The US economy is truly twisted. You guys all place value on things that seem good on the surface, but are rotten to the core. To the core!!!

    Apple is going to sink like the titanic when it comes out that the can't make their growth projections. $15eps with no dividend. HAHAHA I only wish I could buy this pig at $320 and get the royal screw job by all the major firms.

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