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  • profit_guy profit_guy Jan 1, 2011 12:27 AM Flag

    Do you people even bother to consider the market cap???

    Do some of you people even bother to consider the market cap when you are throwing out your $500, $650 and $1000 targets??? Exxon(XOM) is the most valuable company in the world at $369B, Petro China (PTR) and Petrobras (PBR) are approx. $240B each, and AAPL is currently #2 at $296B. And yet when you clowns throw out numbers of $650 you are implying a market cap of close to $600B! Sure AAPL is a great company, but some of you people are fools.

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    • Are you sure it is the market cap that bothers you and not the PPS? Market cap should not be relevant to investment decision IMO - it is like saying Gold is too expensive so you shouldn't buy. So long as Apple's fundamentals, revenue, margins and growth support the PPS why should they not enjoy the No. 2 seat?

      Now let's talk share price. Apple has under 1billion shares outstanding I believe or just about 1 billion and XOM has just over 5 billion shares outstanding or in that area. If apple spit 5:1 then its PPS would be in the area of $65 and its market cap would be the same. And with that PPS you would not hear much clamoring about the market cap b/c the share price would be PERCEIVED as a reasonable buy.


      Again, if the split occurred and the PPS was at $65 then the jokers clamoring about market cap would be able to margin the hell out of their investment in Apple. Market cap would be the same and guess what the clamoring would stop b/c then they would have the quantity they want in a quality company - on borrowed money. They only want their leverage back! That is the second problem with investors/hedgies/managers in America - not content to only play with cash only and use their trading skills to build, nope they gotta have that margin!

    • You are correct, but I would like to know your estimates ! I am hoping for $360 by January's end...but $348 seems more realistic. Your best guess is what ?

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      • I think it is hard to call what the price movement will be. I think it goes up into earnings, but after release and cc it is anyones guess IMO. For what it is worth ITM call options premiums for Jan 2012 at present suggest a price estimate of 340 to 360 per share in one year.

        I am concerned about margins and costs of production going forward. Problem I see is that the street is just waiting for one hiccup as an excuse to sell this off for about 10%. Irony is they will be buying it right back after stealing everyones cheap shares.

    • what constitutes value? it is the present value of future earnings.

      Perhaps with oil at $150, Exxon will be able to keep up with Apple!

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