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  • barber4y2 barber4y2 May 11, 2011 10:49 PM Flag

    Is Cramer unsure of where he thinks the market is going?

    It appears to me that in the past month or so Cramer has been less emphatic as to his opinion of market direction. He isn't clearly calling for a correction, however, he is no longer regularly bullishly saying the fundamentals warrant a continued march higher. I recognize there is a wide range of opinion as to the value of Cramer's analysis, however, it may be of value to some if indeed Cramer's perspective has significantly changed. I wasn't listening to him in 2007 just before the market began to drop. Did he become noncommittal then?

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    • I think hes been bullish of late saying the drop in stocks is a buying opportunity. That the sell off in commodities is dragging stocks down because of collateral damage of funds that owns silver/oil.

      The past month and looking forward has been very international. We've got the european debt issues and china with their inflation. I'm not sure how much Cramer has a handle on all of this. I hope that the sell of in stocks in due to collateral damage but there is a slight chance there is a fundamental fear out there for a major slowdown to china due how aggressive they have to be to tame inflation. The whole dynamics is very complicated. Hard to predict what exactly will happen even if we get our way and china lets their currency rise faster vs our dollar.

    • He's bi-polar. Jimmy The Greek was much better.

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