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  • aea_16 aea_16 Jul 16, 2011 9:58 PM Flag

    GOP would never raise the debt limit, unless market down 300-400 point for few time


    if market/ppt would not care, why would they care? my job is safe, you knew better the Washington games than me, right ? (Japanese)

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    • Though I did not vote for Mr. Obama during the last elections I blame the folks at the Republician party . We have to pass the debt limit otherwise nobody aint getting paid none whatsoever specially int, medicare/medicaid/ social security/probably "Part D" for drugs for the elderly/pay for our brave Soldiers and Airmen (and Women too).

      I would love to form a new party . It will be called "Alligance Flag Party".

      We love the United States and that is the most important thing.

    • kbjb Jul 18, 2011 1:03 PM Flag

      If a debt limit compromise required each taxpayer in the country to pay just one dollar increase in taxes (yes, just one dollar), the Repubs would turn down it down. Their mentality is "hey, that's a tax increase and I'm not budging." "I'll let the country go into default before I raise taxes". For me, that just about explains their misguided mentality.

    • Washington I don't own that stock and I miss your point on AAPL

    • is ppt people (ppl) or
      * Plunge Protection Team,
      a nickname of the United States President's Working Group on Capital Markets

      * Parti progressiste tchadien, a political party active in Chad between 1947 and 1973
      * Patria Para Todos, a left-wing political party in Venezuela
      * Permanent Peoples' Tribunal, an international opinion tribunal founded in Bologna, 1979

      [edit] Science and technology

      * Parts per trillion, a measure of fractions
      * Polypyrimidine tract, a region of messenger RNA
      * Positive partial transpose, a criterion used in quantum mechanics
      * Precipitate, the formation of a solid in a solution during a chemical reaction
      * Primitive Pythagorean triple, in mathematics
      * Protopanaxatriol, a molecule found in ginseng
      * Pulsed plasma thruster, a method of spacecraft propulsion
      * DL-Phosphinothricin, a herbicide
      * Probabilistic Polynomial Time, in complexity theory

      [edit] Other uses

      * Faa'a International Airport (IATA airport code), Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
      * Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation software that uses a .ppt file extension
      * Parents' Preference Test (PPT), a psychological parenting style test
      * Partouche Poker Tour, a poker tournament
      * Personal property tax, a type of property tax used in the United States
      * Professional Poker Tour, a series of televised poker tournaments

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