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  • WONWOOD WONWOOD Jan 11, 2012 7:19 AM Flag

    Do you really think all your messages effect stock price?

    Do all the stupid pumpers and shorts on here really think their idiotic comments effect the stock price one way or another.

    I am talking about "I just shorted 1k shares", "Sky is Fallings, earnings down", "I heard %$##@#@"

    If you really want to effect someones opinion and therefore their inclination to purchase or sell shares then maybe you should try and have an intelligent discussion outlining your points.

    I used to wonder why everyone on these boards was so against anyone short. Then I realized instead of posting logical reasons why they think the price is going down most shorts post stuff like "Greedy Long Pigs going to Die" or "Price drops 27 points tomorrow". The average IQ of these people must be around 35.


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    • Message boards are strictly for fun and entertainment.. I agree there are many CRETINS here.. AAPL will hit $480 going into the earning date. After hours it will hit $500...I have been holding since $87.00... My advice, for what it is worth, stay away from all message boards. A ship of fools.......

    • I'm long, but there are some in here, both long and short posting like 14 year old snot noses. At least one daily poster believes every investor and trader on the planet checks in with this message board for his latest rant before placing a trade.

      Honestly, how serious does he think he should be taken after posting racial slurs? Enough said about that. If anyone hopes to be taken serious here, post something worth reading otherwise when people see anything with your name next to it, fewer and fewer people will even bother looking at it resulting in even fewer people following your long or short advice. There's some quality in this message board, but we have to do some drilling to get to it.

    • Couldn't have said it any better.

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