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  • earneststeve2003 earneststeve2003 Jun 14, 2012 4:14 PM Flag

    Well, it just goes to show you...

    how strung out and addicted this market is to QE. The market should have tanked today, but it is still hanging on to HOPE that uncle Ben will come to the rescue with his latest "FIX".

    There never was a more telling campaign slogan than Obama's "Hope" and "Change". An economy based entirely on "hope" and resulting 401k's that will be left with only "change".

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    • that's powerfully dumb perspective. We think the market is about to soar, and those who want to be hedged in case there is something trembly in the woods are long ago hedged. On the periphery, retail dweeb shorts will get clobbered when the market takes off. This is set for next week. Shorts are dead on names like AAPL.

      Bond managers are praying for QE, but the world is ready to kick Greece in the head for trying to be retardedly cute and defiant. GFL feeding the old and poor in Greece. Spain needs its banks recapitalized, but the rest of it wil be about avoiding Argentinia's fate --still braindead more than 10 years after their default decision.

      What if you want to stay in and the big bad merkel says, "We decided to say FY instead!"

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