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  • maui.woodie maui.woodie Jul 6, 2012 12:13 AM Flag

    AAPL BASHERS are MOSTLY Angry Girly-Boyz...

    They've been calling us greedy and have been calling for the end to our fortunes since 300 points... having not learned anything at 400 points and still as dopey at 500 points. Now at 600 points they have become so very angry praying for doom to the Apple, technology and the world's economy. They are torn predicting the world's demise because for sure their man Obama won't win if it becomes so.

    Some people made 450% on their options today and good returns earlier this week. Those snot-nosed bashers are at their wits end... all because they aren't man and woman enough to jump in and make some money... they'd rather peese and moan calling and hoping and praying for the end of economics as we know it...

    Poor little tools... useful idiots.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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