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  • magicseeker101 magicseeker101 Jul 25, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    Well should I buy today

    Thank you. I neither day trade or stay long, I seldom go short as I lose mostly. I chart and read analyst reports and watch buy sell action, then I guess. I don't love the company I invest in, I believe in it or I don't. I’m not married I'm a partner only. I'm in it to make money and I guess to make money you need to be more right than wrong in your assessments. I'm now flat footed and blind because all my tells have told LOL and I have no idea where we will go in the next 2 months. Beyond that I'm still very positive on the stock but now I'm an 8 where I was a 9. Android is a problem and tech companies are fickle. Betting 3 months in advance can be risky. You’re up today on top, tomorrow you could be on the bottom. Anyone here remember Blackberry? I don’t like what some analysts are saying but they are in the minority, now. I just can’t get a strong positive feeling about today. I hate to chase maximizing my profits to much that can paralyze you, but I’m human so I try.

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    • Almost all the professional and independent analysts got the earning wrong. So don't listen to them. They are just guessing, it is their jobs.

      I don't pay too much attention to fundamentals. I only use fundamentals to put stock on my watch lists. I trade them only on technicals.

      Trading on technicals is far more reliable than trading on fundamentals.

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