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  • mtnbythelake mtnbythelake Aug 30, 2012 11:50 PM Flag

    Get a Galaxy SIII instead of an iPhone 5

    That's what I'm doing after having lost my iPhone 4s two weeks ago. I'll wait to see what the iPhone 5 looks like but I don't expect it to measure up enough to change my mind. The GS3 is just way more smartphone than the current Apple product. Apple typically dribbles out improvements in order to set up people just enough to want the next version. Samsung just gives it to you now. They give you all the newest stuff up front. If not the GS3 then maybe the new Nexus but I'm more than likely leaving the Apple forld.

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    • 8/31/2012 @ 9:23AM |365 views
      Apple, Losing in the Smart Phone Market, Tries to Win in Court
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      Apple (AAPL) is getting plenty of ink over its court battles — most recently in its negotiations with Google (GOOG) over iPhone patents. Without Steve Jobs to innovate, Apple is trying to win in a court of law what it has been losing in the marketplace.

      Apple won a $1 billion in damages from Samsung on August 24 in a California court on a claim that Samsung had “willfully” copied Apple’s iPhone and iPads. Apple requested eight Samsung products be banned from the U.S. market. And a hearing on that request is scheduled for December 6, according to AP.

      Now Apple is in discussions with Google that have the potential to settle claims that Google’s Android violates eight of its patents. In a suit filed in February 2012, Apple asserts that Android specifically violates its patents with features such as “popular Google apps like YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail as well as Google’s Quick Search Box that lets users search multiple types of data at the same time,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

      To stop Google, Apple requested an injunction against Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales but that request was turned down on appeal and should be decided in the next two months. Apple’s suit is scheduled to go to trial in March 2014 but the Journal reports that Tim Cook and Larry Page are discussing these patent issues – so perhaps they will come to a settlement.

      When it comes to market share, Google’s Android has been roundly trouncing Apple. IDC reported that Android smartphone shipments accounted for 68% of the smartphone market to the iPhone’s 17% in the second quarter of 2012.

      Why is Android beating Apple? If you look just at product features, Laptop argues that the best Android phones have five compelling features that the iPhone 4S lacks:

      4G Speeds: The iPhone 4S has much lower download speeds. Laptop argues that “every major carrier sells 4G Android phones, including Verizon (VZ)” offer handsets that download much faster — between “10 and 20 Mbps” compared to “1.5 to 2 Mbps.” for the 3G iPhone 4S.
      No limit to Apps: Apple’s standards board limits what a user can download whereas, Laptop asserts that ”there are literally dozens of app stores in addition to Google’s Android Market.”
      Keyboard Flexibility: Android offers many kinds of keyboards — “dozens of third-party alternatives, from Swype to Better Keyboard,” according to Laptop. It reports that “jailbreaking” is the only way to get an alternative to the iPhone’s keyboard.
      Bigger Screens: The iPhone 4S comes only with a 3.5 inch screen whereas Android phones make many form factors available — as big as 4.5-inches for the Samsung Infuse.
      NFC Support/Mobile Payments: The Samsung Nexus S and the HTC Amaze 4G have Near Field Communications (NFC) chips that enable those Android phones to let you pay at a growing number of retailers. Apple does not have this feature.

    • I guess it is not as perfect as people report...

      July 8th IBTimes article...

      The Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling so quickly that U.S. carriers cannot keep up with the demand, but the device is not short of its problems.

      Here are five compaints that have been reported since the phone's release:


      Overheating was a problem commonly reported in the Galaxy S3's predecessor, but it seems to be persisting in the Galaxy S3. This is most likely thanks to the phone's thin chassis and plastic back cover, which do not insulate the heat from the battery.

      Battery Drain

      The battery drain issue has been reported for the international model of the phone. Consumers have complained that the phone uses a lot of battery, even when its not being used in standby mode. Reports suggest that the problem is due to the fact that the phone calculates 50 to 70 percent more power consumption then it actually uses. The problem is being resolved by correcting the value through a software update that will automatically be pushed out onto to the phone.

      Some U.S. users have reported battery drainage issues also, when trying to connect to LTE. Here's a report from a Samsung Galaxy S3 forum.

      "There is definitely some type of bug that is draining Samsung S3 batteries. I can have days where my battery lasts all day with really heavy usage, and there are other days where I start losing about 10 percent of battery life every hour or more. You can tell when your battery is crashing because your phone will stay warm even if you close all open apps in task manager. . I am trying to pinpoint the cause, but it might be when the phone is struggling to connect to the LTE network. "

      Microphone Problem

      The Samsung Galaxy S3's biggest problem is a microphone malfunction, according to Fix Ya. Users have complained that the volume levels come out low on the receiving end and the call is not clear. Fix Ya suggests updating the firmware first, and if that doesn't work, restoring the phone's factory settings.


      Samsung Galaxy S3 users have complained that the phone takes a long time to charge and can get stuck on a certain percentage for over an hour at a time.

      Wi-Fi Connection

      Some users have reported that the Galaxy S3 easily drops signal when connected to Wi-Fi network. The company is working on a fix.

    • No doubt! My Galaxy 3 is amazing. My son has an iphoney and feels like a chump after seeing how my Galaxy compares. This is the last iphone he will ever buy.

    • don't tend to buy stolen goods... sorry.

    • Nope. My SIII "locks up" all the time. It sucks.

    • I had an iphone 4 and switched to the GS3 in July. You'll never get me to go back to an iphone. I love the GS3. The picture quality of the Amloid GS3 is way beyond what Apple offers. At 4.8 in vs the iphone's 3.5! what a huge improvement. Faster! Lighter! Larger! It's like the superman of smartphones. And to the guy with a red line in his TV...I've got the top end 50" samsung I bought from Best Buy and it's by far the best picture I've ever seen. No lines in my set.

    • israelmichel Aug 31, 2012 1:48 AM Flag

      Why buy a copycat plastic garbage?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No one gives a #$%$ about your buying exploits #$%$ This is an apple board dip#$%$.

    • I might consider an SIII if it weren't made of plastic. And came with iOS on it.

    • I bought a Samsung 50" flat screen, now after 2 years there is a red line in the middle. NO more Samsung products. They are cheaper with more features, but the quality is null. You can get the galaxy S3 and enjoy the PLASTIC in it and hope it will fit in your jeans front pocket and hope you do not get a virus on your open android system and hope your friends do not look at you as an uneducated bum. No thank you, I will buy an IPHONE 5, an original, not a copycat.

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