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  • forza_usa forza_usa Sep 9, 2012 4:42 PM Flag

    GIG will power iphone 5, droid, wp8,surface,thinkpad, kindle with 10gigabit/sec& up radio between cell towers


    GIG will power iphone 5, droid, wp8,surface,thinkpad, kindle with 10gigabit/sec& up radio between cell towers
    .Mobile operators need GIG 10gigabit/second &beyond radio for shortage of bandwidth with 4G smartphones and tablets

    .Chief Technology Officer Andrea Betti Berutto just did an interview of 5 pages, here is most important part: NF: With all the exciting R&D in millimeter-wave technologies, what are the hottest applications driving it right now AB: LTE will soon be ubiquitous due to the fact that the adoption rate of new technologies is getting faster and faster. LTE can support rates to 40 Mb/s to the user, so multiply that by the number of people who’ll buy the next-generation Android and iPhone smartphones and you come up with a lot of data being transferred! GigOptix’s mission is to enable high-speed data communications, whether it is optically, wirelessly, or over copper. We expect high-speed wireless infrastructure to be rolled out to address the forecasted user demand for more bandwidth and we expect E-band technology to play a central role in enabling this revolution.

    And a PR of 2012 21 march says this
    GigOptix Announces Sampling of the New EXO8602ZZ Lange Coupler for High Capacity E-Band Radios SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 21, 2012-- GigOptix, Inc. (OTCQX: GGOX), a leading fabless supplier of semiconductor and optical components that enable high speed end to end information streaming over the network today announced sample shipments of its EXO8602ZZ, an E-band Lange coupler, to a number of European telecom customers. "We continue to see increasing bandwidth demands in the mobile backhaul from consumers using smartphones and tablets with high speed 4G LTE network connections and GigOptix is excited to release the EXO8602ZZ, our latest E-band solution to help address these needs," stated Padraig O'Mathuna, Vice President of Marketing. "Network operators are now looking to E-band PtP radio links as a means of providing the gigabit and multi-gigabit wireless links to handle this increasing traffic over the mobile backhaul. The EXO8602ZZ solution enables E-band radio manufacturers substantially increase the output power of their E-band radios which translates into the radio being able to transmit more data over a longer distance. We believe that GigOptix is well positioned with our current E-band product portfolio and development funnel to be a leading component supplier in the high growth E-band market."
    GIG trading at $2.45 on NYSE, marketcap $49.99million

    ANd latest PR about products said GigOptix Eband will shortly be able to deliver 10Gigabit/second and beyond over several miles in the air in 70to90Gigahertz spectrum, which is free to use.

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