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  • itsallaboutgrowth itsallaboutgrowth Sep 28, 2012 10:12 AM Flag

    Cook Puts Apple Maps on Life Support

    Did Microsoft ever announce, "Go use OS X while we fix Windows?" Wow! After downloading and using Google Maps again, only a small fraction are gonna give Apple Maps a SERIOUS second chance. Apple maps is now on life support. Steve Jobs wouldn't have let such a critical app ship with such basic problems. And, if that had happened, he would've forced people to work around the clock until things worked as expected, instead of telling customers to flock to the competition! This is just another sign that, now that the wise king is gone, the jesters are running the court, and the castle walls are starting to crumble.

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    • You misunderstood Cook's recommendation. One cannot download and use Google maps. The recommendation is to open Safari a d use Google maps there, which is a cumbersome bandaid with no turn-by-turn or other basic features. I suspect many folks will continue using Apple's Maps, as the errors are infrequent enough (and obvious enough) to usually cause no real issue. Of course with a hundred million users of iOS 6 already, one can easily find amusing counter examples.

      I'm still using Maps without any problem.


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    • scropos21 Sep 28, 2012 10:23 AM Flag

      Apple, probably more so than any other company, understands investor psychology. And what they did here was genius. Apple has tempered what little anger there is out there and assured people that the problem has been identified, apologized for it and said that it will be rectified. I suspect they poured over data and realized that most people already have an alternative form of GPS guidance and that the best thing to do was nip this in the bud. People are a forgiving bunch, and this little glitch isn't swaying any significant number of people to abandon the ecosystem. I also believe that on the heels of this "apology," Apple will issue some sort of very good news. Look for iPhone 5 sales numbers or an iPad Mini announcement, today or Monday. That's how these guys roll.

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      • Apple may understand investor psychology but, with Steve Jobs gone, it no longer understands consumer psychology! Steve was the master at knowing that if you understand consumer psychology, then investors will flock to you without any additional effort. That wisdom is now gone, and AAPL investors will continue to pay the price. The shiny AAPL is developing bruises. I'm an Apple supporter from way back, and it is truly sad to watch the maturity phase begin, and know that the decline will inevitably follow. Sigh...long live Steve Jobs, and long live AAPL...we will remember you both fondly....

      • I agree with your reasoning and believe Apple with make improvements over time with the maps app.
        I bought Navigon a couple of years ago and seem to rely on that app. I did try the turn by turn Maps app 3 times and it worked fine. This is just way overblown.

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      • I don't expect sales numbers from the second wave rollout of iPhone 5. Apple has NEVER given such for any product launch. I expect THAT good news to be mentioned at October's earnings report.

        Look for a mysterious media event invitation in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I don't expect Apple to try massaging Wall Street to rectify what will prove to be a short-lived dip.


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