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  • israelmichel Oct 7, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    apple employees work in concentration camps.

    You are a low life basher. Read about Samscam working condition and you will see who is the bad guy here.,
    A second and more recent report by China Labor Watch was issued in early September which further investigates eight Samsung plants where they have a majority stake in ranging from 60-100%. So there's no way of Samsung getting around these issues by declaring their ignorance of these conditions of "abuse of underage workers," and many other violations. The second report which is a whopping 122 pages is oddly titled "An Investigation of Eight Samsung Factories in China: Is Samsung Infringing upon Apple's Patent to Bully Workers?

    Working Conditions

    The following is just a single part of one segment of the reported noted above dealing with Samsung's plant working conditions:

    "The entire production building prohibits its workers from wearing shoes. All the workers have to wear socks or shoe covers when entering the building. Previously, the restroom was equipped with slippers, but the investigator only once found a pair of slippers in the restroom during working hours, meaning workers have to go to the restroom with bare feet or socks.

    The Packaging department requires workers to use ethyl alcohol to wipe cell phone covers but doesn't provide the necessary protective gear such as mask or gloves to the workers. The windows in the workshop are all closed, causing poor ventilation.

    The workers have to ask for permission from the team leaders when they want to drink water or use the washroom during work. The lack of slippers when using the restroom really bothers the workers.

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